It turns out that Dong Qing, a "disappearing" CCTV sister, has embarked on another avenue

CCTV is the stage of the host’s hall level. On this stage, there is no lack of outstanding hosts on this stage. Each host is talented and learned.

They want to highlight the siege on this stage, and they need to come up with the true ability to be seen.

As a professional background, Dong Qing unexpectedly moved towards the hosting industry. With his own ability, he developed smoothly and entered CCTV’s opening life.

Dong Qing grew a face of Cathay Pacific, and Taiping Shengshiyin was a regular host of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. He was welcomed by the audience and became a sister CCTV.

Dong Qing has a bright future on CCTV, but has just been a host for more than 20 years, bringing countless wonderful programs and activities. The middle -aged reputation collapsed, and even left this stage.

CCTV’s sister Dong Qing has disappeared in the host industry and has moved towards another way.

Dong Qing is so excellent without the discipline of his parents. His parents have been highly students, and have received "devil" education since childhood.

Dong Qing’s childhood life only learns, not only learning knowledge, but also learning to do housework, and even her father sent her to a friend company for free.

Therefore, Dong Qing jumped directly after school, which is better than his peers.Her father’s requirements for her were very strict, hoping that she could do something through learning.

In high school, her father planned Dong Qing’s future very early, but she was "rebellious" and planned to take the artistic route.

The school teacher found that Dong Qing had literary talents and was very suitable for taking this road. She suggested that she take the art school.She didn’t want to be arranged by her father, and she was going to try it.

During that time, Dong Qing often returned early and returned early because he had to learn art and told his father to make up lessons, which did not cause doubt.

There was no unprepared wall in the world. Soon his father found that Dong Qing was wrong, and after being forced to ask questions, he was clearly studying art in recent times.

His father’s temper came directly. If his wife had stopped at Dong Qing, she couldn’t help it for so many years.

Dong Qing fell three bowls and said, "From childhood to large, everything was the master of his father. Have you ever asked my opinions? Have you ever thought about me?"

My father was stunned for the first time to see his daughter’s resistance.

On that day, Dong Qing and his father quarreled and made all the grievances all over the years. His father listened to silence and took a drink.

He and Dong Qing said: Dad, apologize to you, sorry, you go to do what you want to do!Since then, Dong Qing’s affairs have been dominated by himself.

In 1991, Dong Qing successfully passed the study performance of Zhejiang Art School in his favorite school.

During the school, Dong Qing participated in many school activities, showing his outstanding grades, and was assigned to Zhejiang Drama Troupe.

In the drama group, the competition pressure is very high. Like Dong Qing’s hairy kids, there are no plays to be filmed.

During that time, Dong Qing was very leisurely and accompanied his friends to the Zhejiang Radio for interviews, because the test was very long and registered.

Dong Qing just filled in briefly, and was admitted, and was very surprised.It was just that she had never learned to host the broadcast, so why not try her.

Dong Qing came to Zhejiang Radio to start his own hosting career. There are many places that do not understand and actively ask his predecessors to learn from his predecessors.

She is very clever and learns very quickly. She can host a program herself soon, and even learn the director to make her show more interesting.

In 1996, Dong Qing had been a mature host for two years on Zhejiang Radio. His parents felt that she should go to a larger stage and continue to improve herself.

Dong Qing also had such an idea, so she was admitted to Dongfangtai for half a year, but she needed to come again.

In this radio, she has no chance to host, but she is only responsible for contacting the reminder. The work is very leisurely.

She did not waste these times to make up for her deficiencies. I took the television director department of the Shanghai Academy of Drama, enriched her colleagues, and got the opportunity to host.

Dong Qing hosted the first program to make a dating program "Meet Saturday". Her hosting style is very interesting, and soon she likes the audience.

Dong Qing was famous on the radio of Shanghai, and even attracted the attention of CCTV Radio.

In 2002, Dong Qing hosted the concert in Shanghai and won the host’s "Gold Movement" award.

This is the best award for the host, and the competitive pressure is very high. It is not easy to get it. It proves that Dong Qing’s hosting ability is very suitable for this way.

Radio CCTV discovered that Dong Qing was a treasure host. You must know that CCTV is difficult to enter, and he is not capable of going, but Dong Qing was invited.

On that day, Dong Qing usually worked in the same way and enjoyed a good rest time, but the priority rest time was interrupted by a phone call.

The phone called in Beijing, and Dong Qing didn’t know his face to pick up the phone curiously.

That said: Hello, is Dong Qing?We are from CCTV, and we want to make a "Charming 12" program. Can you host it?

Dong Qing was stunned directly. He never thought that he could host CCTV’s show, and he was very excited and kept asking again: Is it really me?

I found out that this was not dreaming, but she did not give her partner directly.

Dong Qing has already lived very well on Shanghai Radio. She went to a strange city and re -engaged in her career, which was a great challenge for her age.

However, such an opportunity is rare to miss it. After careful consideration, you can go to Beijing to CCTV.

Dong Qing, 29 years old, has to enter his thirty -year -old, but also start his own glory hosting career.

Everything was not very smooth when I first arrived at CCTV Radio. Everyone was excellent. Dong Qing urged himself to continue to improve and finish the master’s degree in East China Normal University.

Dong Qing is knowledgeable, talented, and Bogu, which is conducive to her hosting career. It is a test of hosting ability.

After Dong Qing completed it very well, he was transferred to the variety channel. There were more and more opportunities to show his face. There were good programs in the stage and would think of her as soon as possible.

In 2005, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala was held as scheduled, and CCTV was prepared very early.It’s just about to reach time. The host needs to change blood and need to think of the host.

After considering the opportunity to decide Dong Qing on the stage, he suddenly received a phone call from the Spring Festival Gala director one day: You are one of the hosts of the Spring Festival Gala, ready.

Before Dong Qing reacted, the other party hung up.She was ordered by many things in danger and was not prepared, for fear of shameing in front of the audience across the country.

As a host, he must come up with professional literacy. Dong Qing repeatedly watched the performance of the seniors of the Spring Festival Gala every year and learned from them.As a predecessor Ni Ping, he also teaches his experience.

Dong Qing often blew up in the early morning because of a sentence and one action, just wanted to perfect the host, which was one of the reasons why she could host the Spring Festival Gala.

The Spring Festival Gala was the first host of the live broadcast. Dong Qing was still slightly nervous. Fortunately, the predecessors were around, and soon went to the right track. The effect was good, leaving a deep impression on the audience.

From then on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, a familiar face was the host Dong Qing.

On this stage, Dong Qing also walked from the edge to the middle. Since Ni Ping left, she also provoked the beam of the Spring Festival Gala.

Dong Qing is very suitable for this stage, dignified and decent, can completely control the big scene, and there is a face of Cathay Pacific.

It’s just that the Spring Festival Gala stage will give newcomers a chance, Dong Qing leaves this stage, and always feels that there is something lacking every year.But she has more time to do her favorite show.

Dong Qing’s "Lang Reader" did very well and received high ratings.In the show, Dong Qing played his advantages to the fullest, and the show was very exciting.

It’s just that such a good program stopped broadcasting, and Dong Qing also left CCTV. This still wants to start with her feelings.

Dong Qing has been doing the years, although he is busy, but his feelings have not been broken, and he has been pursuing good love.

During school, Dong Qing began to fall in love. There were two feelings, because they ended up because they were young.

After work, Dong Qing became a lot more mature. When working on Radio Shanghai, he met director Huang Hui, and often worked together to have feelings.

The two came to one piece, and they were very happy to work together, but life and work could not be integrated. They could not be separated, and they had many contradictions and often quarreled.

Dong Qing has also developed better and better on Shanghai Radio Station. He has to go to CCTV to develop, and he has a gap with Huang Hui, and naturally breaks up.

Shortly after breaking up, Dong Qing met Cheng Qian. He has always been Dong Qing’s idol. He did not expect to know each other in Beijing and chase him with his own beauty.

As soon as he arrived in Beijing, Dong Qing took care of it quickly.No matter how late, Cheng Qian will pick her up to get off work, and she will also make a delicious meal for Cheng Qian, and her life is very happy.

This relationship Dong Qing paid a lot because she wanted to have a good result with Cheng Qian.I just have been in love for so many years, and I have not been in the next step, and even colleagues are urging them to get married.

Cheng Qian did not have such an idea. He even proposed to break up with Dong Qing, and the relationship of 5 years was over.

Dong Qing is so good that there is no lack of pursuits at all, and the conditions are better than one.

In 2009, Dong Qing was invited to attend a friend meeting and met Hun Chunlei.

Jun Chunlei is the chairman of Shanghai Life Insurance Co., Ltd., a proper rich man.

During the party, Li Chunlei was fascinated at the first glance when she saw Dong Qing.

Wu Chunlei’s belly was not handsome, but he was resourceful, but he was resourceful and wise. It was this that attracted Dong Qing. The two were very speculative and had a good chat.

After the end, Wu Chunlei took the initiative to send Dong Qing to go home, and the two of them talked a lot along the way, and agreed to meet next time.

As long as Dong Qing had time, Hun Chunlei appeared in front of her, and she would miss it very much when she couldn’t see it.

Wu Chunlei has completely fell in love with Dong Qing and began to pursue her.She is a busy CCTV, and she doesn’t have a lot of rest time. She can only take advantage of these times to chase her beloved woman.

As long as Dong Qing rests, no matter how busy she is, she will be looking for her, and she will prepare her surprise to send various luxury goods.

Dong Qing has seen many people as the host, but she still sees this time like Hun Chunlei. Soon she was taken down by Yan Chunlei and the two were together.

However, it did not announce the relationship, and even the friends around me knew very well.

But when Dong Qing didn’t work, he stayed with Li Chunlei. He would patting Dong Qing to go shopping, accompany her to do what she likes, and looks very happy.

Why didn’t such a happy relationship announced, is it because Dong Qing is a public figure?Not only for this reason, but because of this family’s family, it has not been dealt with.

In 2009, during the break, Dong Qing and Yan Chunlei went shopping together. He ate a ice cream together halfway. It happened that this scene was photographed by the media.

The exposure of the news caused a high heat, and they all questioned Dong Qing as a primary three.

After marrying Jin Jing and Jin Jing, they gave birth to two boys. The family of four lived well together. However, the appearance of Dong Qing, their relationship became stiff and prepared to divorce.

It was just that he had not succeeded in divorce, and his relationship with Dong Qing was exploded.Regardless of how fierce discussions on the Internet, both sides never responded.

But Dong Qing was sad and swayed in front of Mu Chunlei, making him even more distressed without protecting her.

In 2012, in order to return Dong Qing’s innocence, Hun Chunlei accelerated and Jin Jing’s divorce. She saw that the news was completely disappointed with her husband and could only agree with the divorce. The two children were raised together and took care of the ex -wife.

However, Mi Chunlei misses the child and can take the two sons to live together, and let them know Dong Qing.

Dong Qing is very tolerant of the two children, and will take them out to play, and take care of the biological children.With Mi Chunlei, she is willing to be a stepmother.

She Chunlei was very happy to see the picture. She planned to marry her home without looking for the wrong Dong Qing.Dong Qing has been waiting for this day, but he did not expect to be hindered.

Wu Chunlei’s mother did not agree with this marriage, she was afraid of bad grandson.

Although Li Chunlei is a mature man, he will also consider his mother’s feelings, but he likes Dong Qing and cannot break up with her. He enlighten his mother.

Dong Qing is not only very good for the two steps, but also very good for the future mother -in -law. She often cares about her body and will also take care of her.

She has been a family care since she was a child. She took care of her mother’s mother very well and found that she was not so delicate, and her impression of her began to change.

Dong Qing and Yan Chunlei also gabil to talk about love. They often enter and exit together and do not mind the media. They also revealed the news of marriage.As well as

The mother -in -law accepted Dong Qing completely, and declared that Dong Qing was her daughter -in -law, the main reason was that she was pregnant.

In 2014, Dong Qing left the stage of CCTV and thought she resigned. However, CCTV and herself clarified that they went to the United States to study as their visiting scholars in Southern California.

Dong Qing needs to stay in the United States for a year, but she is not only studying or having children.

Since Dong Qing’s pregnancy, Hun Chunlei and mother -in -law were very happy. In order to smoothly produce, he bought a villa in the United States.She stayed here after she was in the United States.

Wu Chunlei looked for the best hospital. Please take care of Dong Qing for the best nanny. He was born smoothly in October. He was a son. The whole family loved this child very much.

Dong Qing returned to China and returned to CCTV to continue his own show.As a mother, Dong Qing’s performance was different. The business of his son was quickly exposed, and it was still an American.

This incident alone broke the favor of Dong Qing. She promoted patriotism in the show, but her son was an American.

Dong Qing said that because of his son’s better education, it was obviously unreasonable.No matter how she explains, it is impossible to change the results.

Anyway, Dong Qing’s career and word of mouth began to go downhill, and later left CCTV and returned to the family.

Dong Qing thought that her husband Yun Chunlei could support the family, but he did not expect something to happen.

In 2022, it was reported that Dong Qing’s husband Li Chunlei was forced to execute over 700 million and had lost contact.

Dong Qing married the giants and thought that he would have a carefree life. He did not expect that if he had a problem with her husband’s company, she could only apply for bankruptcy.

During that time, Wu Chunlei was hiding on the cusp of the wind, and he couldn’t find it. It was not until half a year that he came out to deal with this matter, and the money owed was good.

If it is a joint debt of the husband and wife, Dong Qing also has a certain responsibility.But this matter has not been dealt with well, and was chased 7.83 million yuan by state -owned enterprises.

Dong Qing will not let her quality of life decrease. She doesn’t care about these things at all, Li Chunlei’s herself.Another reason is that she can’t mix in China and has no income.

At that time, the money made in these years does not need to be a future life. Dong Qing went to the United States to live with his son, and lived in the Buli Villa big mansion bought by his husband.

Dong Qing’s life is very simple. Surrounding his son, he picks up his son to go to school every day, accompanies his hobbies, and cooks for his son.

She doesn’t want the stars at all now, not like the host Dong Qing, who is shining on the Spring Festival Gala stage.After all, she has been flattened.

Dong Qing couldn’t control her husband, Mi Chunlei, and she was no different from ordinary people, and she had become a housewife. Her life was all children and this family.

The bright host of that year had become a housewife, and I never thought of it.Now she only pursues a good environment for her son, so she is content.

Today, Dong Qing is 50 years old. He has a colorful life in the first half of his life. He has a bright career and rich feelings, and successfully marries the hero through his own efforts.

The most important thing is that she also gave birth to her son, but she did not think about it many years later. She broke her career after leaving.

Dong Qing’s wealthy life was not so relaxed. It was difficult to win her mother -in -law, but she did not expect that her husband’s company had a problem. She owed a debt, and the rich became "negative".

The things that Dong Qing did, ruined his reputation, and deserved to this day.

Dong Qing was dignified, but she did not expect that she was another face in private. She disappointed the audience’s feelings for her. Fortunately, she paid the price.

Now Dong Qing has no extravagance to return to the public vision. He just wants to grow up with his son healthy and happy, and does not want his own affairs to affect his son. After all, the child is innocent.

In any case, the way you choose to cry will go on.

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