It only takes four steps from gastritis to gastric cancer!Young people are about to quit these eating habits


“Stegen cancer is almost eaten”

The topic rushes to the hot search

Irregular diet


Love to eat heavy taste …

These bad habits

Cause stomach disease

This may cause gastric cancer

According to the National Cancer Center 2022

Published data show

480,000 new gastric cancer in my country in 2020

Said to lung cancer and colorectal cancer

In recent years

There are many young people suffering from gastric cancer

And the younger the age of onset

The higher the degree of malignant

This year

Why do gastric cancer more and more prefer young people?

Let’s start with "eating"

✎ Do not eat breakfast

When sleeping at night, gastric acid is still secreted in a small amount. After 8 hours of accumulation, it is enough to cause damage to the stomach.

If you do n’t eat breakfast at this time, fill the food into the stomach, and the concentration of the gastric acid will rise again, and chronic gastritis and gastric ulcers will be easy to find.

过 过 ✎ ✎ 食 or excessive diet

Overlashing can cause stomach overload work, and excessive diet can cause no food in the stomach.

However, no matter what circumstances, gastric acid is constantly secreting, leading to gastric mucosa edema, which causes gastritis and gastric ulcers to cause hidden gastric cancer hazards.

✎ Love to eat supper

Some people not only stay up late, but also like to eat supper. Food stays in the stomach will cause a large amount of gastric juice, causing gastric mucosa erosion and ulcers, which will cause gastric cancer.

Especially eating some fried, barbecue, and fried foods, the risk is greater!In addition, long -term three meals are irregular, heavy oil, heavy salt, smoking and drinking are the risk factors of cancer.

✎ ✎ ✎ ✎ ✎ ✎

Tableware will also become the source of gastric cancer. The Helicobacter pylori on the chopsticks can increase the risk of gastric cancer by 2.7 to 12 times.

The transition from gastritis to gastric cancer is a more complicated chronic process.

The first stage is usually chronic superficial gastritis prompted on the gastroscopy. At this time, it is reversible through drug treatment and lifestyle changes;

The second stage is chronic atrophic gastritis, which is manifested as food, dysfunction, abdominal distension, sorbe, and acid reflux. If the pathogenic factor continues, continue to evolve down.The intestinal mucosa epithelium has developed to the third stage of intestinal epithelium;

In this harsh situation, the cells continue to evolve down, and some malformations will occur. At this stage, it is called heteroid hyperplasia, which is manifested as hiccups (ie snoring), poor digestion, and weight loss.

If you do not intervene at this time, it will eventually evolve into gastric cancer!

According to experts, from gastritis to gastric cancer, the tongue image will also change greatly, chronic superficial gastritis tongue is reddish; chronic atrophic gastritis and intestinal epithelium tongue have cracks;Darkness and purple.

The "early symptoms" of gastric cancer are no symptoms!

If symptoms have already occurred, such as: thinness, anemia, mass, vomiting, abdominal pain, black stool, etc., I’m sorry!late!

At this time, the progress of the disease has often entered the progress of the disease.Therefore, it is critical to find early in time!

This has to be mentioned that a test is -the gastroscopy screening can greatly increase the probability of early discovery of gastric cancer.

In addition to observing and taking photos, gastroscopy can also cut a small piece of gastric tissue to check.The combination of "gastroscopy+pathological examination" can be more accurate to "get out" early gastric cancer.So don’t do it because you are afraid of doing gastroscopy.

At present, gastroscopy is divided into ordinary gastroscopy and painless gastroscopy.

Ordinary gastroscopy will also perform local anesthesia. Patients will have local anesthesia to the throat through oral or spraying drugs, so it will generally not hurt, but they will feel nauseous and retched because the throat is stimulated by foreign matter.

Moreover, if you can’t stand this discomfort, you can also do painless gastroscopy of general anesthesia.

No painless gastroscopy has long been popular. It is different from ordinary gastroscopy, except for awakening and falling asleep.There are also the following differences:

Note: If gastric cancer is treated in time in time, the 5 -year survival rate exceeds 90%, and it may even reach healing.Therefore, if you find that the stomach is discomfort, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and check the stomach based on the doctor’s evaluation suggestion and your own situation.

People over 40 years old

People who have been infected with Helicobacter pylori (HP -positive)

Those who have had chronic atrophic gastritis, gastric polyps, gastric ulcers, postoperative residual stomach, hypertrophic gastritis, malignant anemia and other diseases

First -level relatives of gastric cancer patients (parents, siblings, children)

There are other risk factors for gastric cancer (such as long -term intake of high salt, pickled food, smoking, heavy drinking, etc.)

From: Healthy Cantonese

Source: Jingshi Health Home

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