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Frozen a cold and a cold when it was hot. Is there any difference between the two?Can you take the same cold medicine?Let ’s take a look at this cold type and medication.

Colds caused by the coldness of the wind, more in autumn and winter.


· No sweat, especially afraid of cold, light heat

· Headache, sore bone, pain in the whole body

· Rare sputum, nose, sneezing, and heavy nasal congestion

· Don’t thirst, don’t sore throat

· Tongue coating thin white


· Cold and heat -clearing particles: representative drugs of cold and cold.During the medication, avoid spicy stimulation, cold, and greasy foods, and it is not advisable to take nourishing Chinese medicine at the same time.

· Tongxuan Ling Pills: It is suitable for cold and cough for wind and cold beams and lung qi.All wind heat, phlegm, cough, yin deficiency and dry cough are not applicable.

· Huoxiang Zhengqi Capsule/Water: It can effectively alleviate the symptoms of cough, runny nose, fever, and sore limbs.

· Ginger brown sugar water: It can be applied in the early stages of wind and cold (tight scalp, sinking back and neck, sour nose and throat).Formula: 5 slices of ginger, 2 lumps, 2 stunts, 6g of tangerine peel, and 30g brown sugar boiled while drinking, once a day.

It usually occurs in spring and summer. Due to the fire, the immunity is reduced, the virus invades the lungs, causing upper respiratory tract infections.


· Sweating, slightly afraid of cold and cold, high fever, high heat


· Phlegm sticky or yellow, yellow -thick snot, nose congestion

· Thirst, sore throat, cough

· The tip of the tongue, thin white or thin tongue coating


· Shuanghuanglian oral liquid, silver yellow particles, silver -threw detoxification soft capsules: common drugs for wind and heat.Symptoms such as sweating and sore throat are available.

It is commonly known as hot -wounding wind, which is a unique cold in summer.The weather is sultry and humid.


· The chest and abdomen are full of bloating, and there is something to be blocked at the chest

· Sweating but not solving heat, fever, slightly cold and cold

· Headache, poor body sleep, sore bone

· Phlegm sticky, rheumatic nose, nasal congestion

· Dry mouth, sore throat

· Tongue coating white or yellow greasy


· Huoxiang Zhengqi capsule/water: symptoms such as headache, chest and abdomen, vomiting and diarrhea are available.

The acute respiratory infectious disease caused by the time of the virus is susceptible to the time when it should be warmed in spring and the cold and cold in winter.


· No sweat, fear of cold, fever

· Headache, whole body pain

· Runny nose, sneezing, cough, nasal congestion

· Sore throat

· You will also have bloating and nausea


· Lotus clearing granules and golden flowers clearing granules: Drugs that are commonly used during treatment have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, clearing heat and diarrhea.

Qi deficiency constitution is easily affected by external pathogenic factors, and qi deficiency has a cold.


· Short gas, weakness, sputum weakness

· No sweat, light fever, cold, afraid of cold

· Headache, soreness in the whole body

· Cough white sputum

· Tongue coating thin white


· Yuping Wind San: It is suitable for qi deficiency, shortness of breath, sputum, thin sputum, and pale cold.

It may be caused by reasons such as staying up late, excessive thinking, and eating spicy food.


· Night night sweats, hands and feet hot

· Heat, slightly cold and cold and the wind

· Dizziness

· Dry cough and less sputum, nasal congestion runny nose

· Dry mouth thirst

· Red tongue, thin tongue coating


· Yuping Feng San: It is also applicable to Yin deficiency and cold.

· Xiao Chaihu Granules: It has the effect of solving the heat dissipation, relieving liver and stomach.During the period of time, avoid cold, greasy, spicy, tobacco and alcohol, and should not take nourishing Chinese medicine during the medication.

It is usually caused by the cold and cold.


· No sweat or self -sweating, a while of cold, especially afraid of cold or even curled up cold battles, light heat

· Headache, joint pain

· Black complexion and low voice

· Tongue coating thin white

Medication: ephedra aconite Asaries Soup

· The throat is dry and painful, the dry cough is less sputum or has no sputum (the phlegm is thick or thick or the pieces are not applicable)

Raise yin and clearing liquid liquid, strong loquat dew

Powerful loquat dew contains poppy shells, which is not suitable for long -term use.

· Body heat, sore throat, thirst, cough spit yellow sputum, lung heat cough (cold cold and cold are not applicable)

Symbilia, compound fresh bamboo, ten flavors, lung gallery granules, lung cough synthetic agents

Reminder: Strictly grasp the taboos, such as avoid taking tonic drugs, such as Liuwei Dihuang Wan, to avoid drug interaction.Please take medicine under the guidance of the doctor. If you have discomfort, seek medical treatment in time!


Source: Lotus Sili Community Health Service Station

Author: Nie Haihong

Picture: Copyright of Beijing Century Hospital

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