It is the best time to verify that the ovulation is strong and weakened. I am so bad

Let’s talk about the basic situation of my pregnancy. I got married in March 2016. Due to the house collection decoration in June of that year, I stayed in a new house in September 2016.Due to the short time to dry the new house and afraid of indoor formaldehyde pollution, there is no plan to have a baby, and it is ready to spend a year of two -person world first.

After the menstrual menstruation on August 10, 2017, a full set of pre -pregnancy examinations were performed on August 20th. The abdominal B -ultrasound, gynecological examination, six hormones, deformed sets, blood routine, urine routine, leucorrhea routine, and hepatitis B were basically good. The test results were basically good., With a slight vaginitis, the doctor opened a box of nitrate vaginal bubbles for it to go back and use it.In addition, no hepatitis B antibody, hepatitis B vaccine was injected.But hepatitis B vaccine does not affect pregnancy.

Originally planned to be formally prepared after menstruation in September. As a result, the aunt was disobedient and did not come. It didn’t come until October 1st, and the menstrual menstruation ended in October 7.From October 13th, PLSZ was measured once a day, and yang was tested on the 17th, and yangs that were deepened from 18-19 were not yet strong yang. Due to the first pregnancy, there was no experience, and when he thought of ovulation, he pulled her husband to hold her husband.I think it is okay every day, I think that’s it.But PLSZ No. 20-22 is still deepening, and I will start to calm down, because except for test strips, my base temperature does not significantly heat up and cool down, basically hovering at 36.2-36.6Without ovulation, it hurts her husband three times without work.

My usual menstruation is 35-37 days. According to the days, ovulation should be ovulated around the 23rd.I monitored every 3 hours every 3 hours, and saw that the test strip was deepened a little, and I still didn’t hurry to tell my husband.I did not arrange the same room, because I saw that everyone said that when Qiangyang turned weak, it was ovulation, so I fell asleep all night.In the afternoon, because the unit was busy, it was not tested.

I went out to eat with my husband that night, and it was 11 o’clock when I got home. I went to bed when I washed it. I told my husband that I ovulated today. Then my husband asked me if I was not lined up a few days ago. I will bluff the ovulation test paper.He said.Then we had a logical room.Since I know that I am the front of the uterus before pregnancy, my husband dropped my head after the same room, let me put my butt on the pillow, lying on my legs on the wall, lying for more than half an hour, I felt that my belly had been painful and painful.The feeling of me, I joked with the old public that the semen should be flowing in.After more than half an hour, I slept directly on the side without going to the toilet. In the middle of the night, I felt wet under the buttocks. It should be that semen flowed out, and I continued to sleep without any care.The basics of body temperature continued at 7 am the next morning, and my body temperature rose to 36.83. I definitely determined my yesterday’s judgment, and it must be ovulation on the 24th.

From October 25th to November 1st, the basal body temperature has been around 36.8, and it has risen to 37.03 on November 2 and has been bloating, stomach pain, waist soreness, and drowsiness in the past few days after ovulation.Originally, I thought I was going to come to my aunt, but I would not be calm until I waited until the 37 degree above 37 degrees. I felt that it might be pregnant. From 17:00 on November 3rd, I returned to my home from my mother -in -law’s house.I couldn’t wait to measure ZZY, and a few minutes later, there were faint powder marks.

In the early morning of November 12, my husband accompanied me to our best 3 A hospital for blood testing to confirm pregnancy, 8: 40, and 10:30 results.Then I said that I can exclude it outside the palace, and the doctor said that it was basically excluded.Oh my god, I am really happy, the first pregnancy is so good.

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