It is the "baby" on the sheep. Lamb vendors are eaten by themselves. What is it?

It is the "baby" on the sheep. Lamb vendors are eaten by themselves. What is it? What is it? Dear friends, everyone, I am a kitchen Jiang Yizhou.It’s time, are you ready?

Speaking of this lamb, some people love to eat very much, but some people are unwilling to eat, especially some bad parts on the sheep.烤, used for baking skewers, regulating meat, stir -frying and eating is very suitable.

Lamb vendors will even keep themselves and do n’t takeaway. What do I mean by this baby on the sheep?And its two particularly delicious methods, share it with you, friends who are interested, you can follow me down.

There are many meat parts on this sheep. Those who can be regarded as the baby, that is, the sheep’s hind legs, sheep’s hind legs, delicate meat, very small flavor, and small fishy smell.

The meat is tight, but it is not firewood at all, so it is very suitable for adjusting the fillings, baking skewers, and cooking. Then you will share the two sheep’s back meat. It is particularly delicious.Let me look down.

The lamb leg is a baby on the sheep. Next, I will share with you a particularly delicious cumin lamb slices. It is very delicious.

Cut the legs of the sheep into thin slices of coin thick, cut some onion shreds, put it in your hands, sprinkle some salt, pinch the juice, use it to marinate the mutton, then put a little pepper, then a little monosodium glutamate, grab the mix evenlyAfter that, grab a small amount of corn starch and grab him evenly,

Then cut some onion shreds, prepare pepper, hemp pepper, dried pepper, cumin, then start to get angry, heat the pot to two spoons of oil, the oil temperature is 30 % heat, put the lamb slices and the pot, slideFry until the discoloration is mature, and then leave the bottom oil, add dried pepper and pepper pepper, pepper and pepper, and add the pot.

Then put the cumin pellet and stir -fry it twice, put the lamb slices in the pot, just put a little salt, chicken essence, taste essence, stir -fry evenly, you can put it in a pan and eat it.Very delicious, do it quickly.

I just said that the sheep’s hind legs are the baby on the sheep. He is also suitable for adjusting the stuffing. Then he will share with you the delicious scallion and mutton stuffing dumplings.

After chopping the meat of the sheep’s legs into minced meat, put it in a bowl, and a pound of meat stuffed with an egg, put it with two or two water, and stir well. In this way, the lamb will taste smooth and tender.

Then put the appropriate amount of salt, chicken essence, MSG, pepper, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, 13 incense and season, and finally cut more onion ginger, put it on it, stir well after boiling, stir, and adjust the stuffing.alright,

For noodles, we are a pound of flour, put three or two water, add a spoonful of salt, knead into a dough, roll it into a dough, and then wrap the filling in the noodles.You can eat it on the water, you do n’t have firewood, the bracelet is delicious, do it quickly.

How about friends, after reading the article, this time I know, what is the only baby on the sheep, yes, that is, the lamb’s hind leg meat, not 膻 or not firewood, very delicious, lamb vendors often leave themselves to eat themselves.After you read, remember to buy something, you can do it at home. I am a chef Jiang Yizhou. Let’s see it next time.

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