It is said that it is amazing to see if you are pregnant from your face.

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Many women do n’t know when they are pregnant, but they did n’t find it, but others saw it, so do you?How do you know that you are pregnant?Did you go to the hospital for examination or test it yourself?In fact, there is a group of people who are very amazing. You can judge whether you are pregnant by looking at your face, and don’t believe it. Let’s take a look.

@: When I was pregnant, I went to eat ramen with my husband. As a result, the waiter gave us three pairs of chopsticks, and I sent two pairs in front of me. I was very curious at the time, but I didn’t ask the reason.After a few days, I went to the hospital for a period of time and found that I had been pregnant for more than a month.

@: When I was pregnant for more than 4 months, my belly was flat, and it was still winter. At that time, I was very thick. Many friends around me did not know that I was pregnant.When I was taking a bus once, there was actually a very foreign aunt who asked me if I was pregnant. Hurry up and want to give me a seat. It was so excited. I was given a seat for the first time in my life. This aunt was so godly.I don’t know what she can see.

@: I don’t know when I was pregnant, I went to buy supper with my husband. The boss looked at me and then told my husband: Your wife is pregnant. My husband did not believe it. He also said that he was nonsense.After a few days, I went to the hospital to test it, and I was really pregnant.

@: When I was pregnant, I did n’t know. I went to buy vegetables. I was tired and rest on the seat under the community. As a result, an aunt I passed saw me and asked if I was pregnant if I was pregnant.I also told me some precautions. I couldn’t cry and laugh at the time, but I still listened patiently. As a result, I suddenly remembered that my aunt seemed to be 5 days later.Essence

@: When I was pregnant for more than two months, I went out to go shopping with my mother -in -law. It was too hot to buy ice cream to eat. As a result, an aunt came over and said that when I was pregnant, I had less ice, which was not good for the fetus.What did she see.

@小: When I was pregnant, the aunts downstairs said that I was pregnant with a boy, but it was really a boy.

How do you know about you?


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