It is recommended to collect it. How can the cats in the family diagnose and treat?

The cats at home should be judged according to the different characteristics of the feces, not just that it does not matter if it is cold.But if the cat is often thinner or accompanied by other symptoms, you should immediately seek medical treatment and not delay.

Preliminary diagnosis and treatment of cats:

This situation is more common in indigestion. The most common is the kitten. Generally, it is too much or uncomfortable with diarrhea. It will not have much impact on appetite. The number of stools will not increase.Routine anti -diarrhea can be used to regulate intestinal bacteria. The treatment time is generally less than a week according to the condition of the kitten.

These situations usually use a lot of lactase to see the effect. It can also cooperate with Mommy’s love to prevent diarrhea and regulate the stomach.

This situation is more dangerous. When you see this sign, you should seek medical treatment immediately.In addition, there are symptoms such as rising body temperature, dry mouth, and even convulsions.

When it is a gastroenteritis, you should stop eating for a day, drink a small amount of water, and observe it carefully.After being delivered to the hospital, the doctor will decide how to treat it based on the inflammation.

Once you observe blood in the feces, you must not ignore it, you must seek medical treatment immediately.If it is severe, the hemostatic drug cannot stop the ulcer bleeding point, and it should be removed by surgical, otherwise it will be fatal.Therefore, when cats are rare, they are definitely not ordinary!

This situation is generally enteritis, and there are various causes of induced. For example, colds, parasites, parasites, small bacteria, poisoning, etc. can cause acute enteritis and cause dilute.Generally, doctors may prescribe diarrhea and discharge the stomach.

The condition of cat plague is very serious. Generally, the diarrhea is severe, most of which have blood, and there are severe vomiting. They do not eat, fever, and have a poor spirit. The mortality rate of this situation is extremely high.It must be sent to medical treatment in time.

The only way is to vaccinate and avoid luck, because although the cat does not go out, people may carry the virus in and out. The cat’s resistance to cat plague is worse than wild cats.

In the end, it is not easy to raise a cat. When cats bring happiness, it should take care of it as the owner. Usually observe carefully and find it in time when you find symptoms.

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