It is recommended that middle -aged and elderly people: Futian eats 5 kinds of alkaline ingredients, the legs and feet are strong and mentally good, eat early and benefit

Smillet and poisonous weather makes people’s body easier to be uncomfortable, especially middle -aged and elderly people, with poor constitution, sweating in the hot days, accelerated metabolism, and the body’s acid and alkali cannot be balanced, so often feel that the body is drowsy and tired.

At this time, middle -aged and elderly people should eat more alkaline foods for the season, appetizing and nutritious.Only by supplementing the necessary nutrition and moisture to the body can you find vitality and state.

1. Black beans

Beans have five colors. Among them, black beans are common alkaline foods in life. In the "Compendium of Materia Medica", it is even written that eating black beans can "do not live in all diseases."But for the previous age, eating soy milk is not easy to digest.

Sanchuan Gui Bean Powder not only contains black beans with high nutritional value, but also adds black rice.Combining ancient methods with modern technology, powder is more delicate than other soy milk powder.The commonly used sugar is also replaced with lower -calorie malt syrup, and the black soy milk soaked is more natural.

Sanchuan Guiyi Milkya powder is put in a small packaging in an independent small packaging. When the middle -aged and elderly people are soaked in soy milk, they no longer have to tangled the weight of the weight, tear away a small bag, pour the hot water and stir it.Sweet and greasy, let you be a hundred times more energetic.

2. fungus

The black fungus is crispy and Q bombs, and the nutrition is relatively rich. Whether it is cold or hot pot, stewed soup, it is a way of eating that everyone loves.But fungus is not easy to deal with, middle -aged and elderly people can taste the dry fungus.

The Northeast Changbai Mountain fungus is selected with dark brown color and soft and elastic texture.After the fungus is treated with machine treatment and natural air drying, it is marinated, which not only retains the nutrition and taste of the fungus itself, but also tastes very flavorful.And there are a variety of flavors to choose from. If you ca n’t eat chili, you can choose the spice.

It is worth mentioning that it also uses vacuum packaging. The fungus is dry and hygienic, without roots and sand.The taste is still crisp and juicy, the taste is delicious, very smooth and tender, which can be used as a small snack, but also as a side dish.

3. Lotus root

Lotus root is also a very seasonal vegetable at this season, and it is an alkaline ingredient.It is common on the summer dining table in the summer dining table, but it may be a bit cold for middle -aged and elderly people. If you want to supplement the nutrition in the lotus root, it is also good to grind the lotus root into powder.

Chia seeds, Nuts, Powder Mochi selection from West Lake Fanci, pure ingredients, and the salamander is fragrant and delicate.In order to make the taste more abundant, many strong fruit and dried fruit are added.The addition of Chia seeds can make the crickets more hungry.

The operation of Nutrite Powder Species is simple. Add an appropriate amount of loquat powder. First, use a little cold water to open it, then flush it with hot water, and stir well at the same time.The ravioli looks crystal clear, and the nuts are soaked by Microsoft, which is easy to digest, sweet and sour, and the taste is delicious.

4. Mushroom

Mushroom is also one of the alkaline foods, and contains a dozen nutrients, which has great benefits for middle -aged and elderly people with weak legs and feet and poor bones.But cooking is a bit troublesome. If you are too lazy to do it, you can taste the wild mushroom sauce.

The mushrooms are from Yunnan. Wildster bacteria such as beef liver bacteria, shiitake mushrooms, and tea trees mushrooms have been screened and treated. They use secret craftsmanship to retain the nutritional value of the ingredients themselves. The mushroom sauce is delicious and delicious.

Wildsham fungus is visible. There are various ways to eat. It can be used directly with steamed buns. It can also be used for cooking, mixed noodles, or used as a porridge side dish.

5. Red dates

The "longevity fruit" red dates are rich in nutrition, which can enhance physical fitness and supplement qi and blood. The most suitable middle -aged and elderly people who are physically weak to eat in summer. Eat a few red dates a day to nourish qi and nourish blood.If you feel too single, you can also match red dates with other ingredients.

Seven -degree Fang Yiyan cakes are matched with nourishing foods such as peanuts, red beans, and wolfberry, with red dates. A variety of ingredients and nutrition have doubled.Several ingredients are perfectly fused after low temperature and humidity and baking.The cake is soft and delicate, and it is most suitable for middle -aged and elderly people with poor teeth.

And seven -degree Fang Yiyan cake is seasoned with xylitol, and the pastry has no sugar, and it is not greasy.The pink dudu cakes are crispy and soft, but it will not stick to teeth. The small and exquisite pastry is installed in the jar, which is particularly convenient to save.

Therefore, in the hot days when nutritional loss, friends of middle -aged and elderly people must pay attention to adding more alkaline foods, and supplement nutrition earlier in order to be strong in their legs and feet.

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