It is not only the belly, but it also becomes bigger after pregnancy!

During pregnancy, except for the larger stomach, where will there be bigger?

The answer is breast!

Breast, as the most important organs of women, and women’s mammals.Breasts will slowly change with age, and pregnancy is equivalent to secondary development.

The degree of breast development during pregnancy is directly related to the baby’s "eating" problem in the future.After pregnancy, early pregnancy, you will obviously experience the increase in breasts. By the end of pregnancy, you may even reach 400 to 800 grams.Do you think it ’s amazing? The nutrition needed for the baby’ s growing up is inside.

During pregnancy, pay special attention to the maintenance of the breast.After 6 months of pregnancy, you must learn to massage slowly from the bottom of the breast to the nipple direction. At the same time, gently knead the nipples with a hot towel with a hot towel to increase the toughness.Postpartum milk is easy to accumulate. It is best to rub the breasts or apply warm water before breastfeeding.

What should we do if we encounter various breast problems during pregnancy?

What should I do?

The bigger breasts are problems that every pregnant woman will encounter during pregnancy, especially in three to four months after pregnancy.Facing the changes in breasts, expectant mothers should adjust underwear in time.During pregnancy, it is best to prepare less than 3 sets of underwear, and the size can be appropriate.We must wear underwear during pregnancy, otherwise it is likely to hang down.

The areola becomes black, very embarrassing!

If the breasts increase, it can make us more confident; then the areola becomes black, a bit embarrassing.During pregnancy, the color of the areola will continue until childbirth, and the nipple color will gradually become lighter after lactation. This is a natural physiological state during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers do not need to worry.

Breast pain and pain!

At the same time as the breasts increase, there will be breast pain.With the changes of hormones during pregnancy, breasts become more sensitive, and breast pain will also occur. Generally, it appears in the early pregnancy and disappears after 3 months of pregnancy.In response to the symptoms of breast pain during pregnancy, pregnant women can relieve it by massage or hot compresses. Remember to gently.

During pregnancy, breasts are the objects that pregnant women should focus on.As an important source of children’s future nutrition, we must do breast care during pregnancy. Do not let your baby be "hungry".

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