It is normal to increase the secretions in pregnancy, but if these cases occur, don’t take it lightly

Each pregnant mother may have thought before pregnancy. When she is pregnant, she can enjoy the empress -like treatment, but I never expected that these embarrassing things encountered after pregnancy made themselves embarrassed.In addition to pregnancy vomiting, hemorrhoids, frequent urination, etc., the most embarrassing thing is this matter.

Many pregnant mothers feel that underwear is always wet during pregnancy. What is going on?

The vaginal secretions during pregnancy are affected by estrogen. This is a normal phenomenon. Usually the secretion at this time is white paste, tasteless or slightly smell.Maintain normal vaginal flora balance, on the other hand, the fetus is prepared smoothly during delivery.

If the pregnant mother increases the above secretions, it is normal, but if the color, characteristics, and smell of the following secretions change, the pregnant mother will attract attention!

1) If the secretions are noticed during pregnancy, and the white smells of white, it is likely to be bacterial vaginal disease.

2) If the secretion is white and bean slag, and it is accompanied by itching, redness, and burning sensation, it is likely to be a Candida vaginitis. This sick woman is also a high -incidence.

3) If the secretion appears yellow or green foam, has odor, and is accompanied by vulvar itching, it is likely to be trichomonal vaginitis.

When you encounter abnormal conditions of the above secretions during pregnancy, do not use the medicine yourself. You must go to the hospital for treatment in time. Under the guidance of a doctor, take medicine.

In fact, the secretions during pregnancy are abnormal, and a large part is closely related to our living habits, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to these things in daily life!

1. Keep the vulva clean

Pregnant mothers usually do not need to use any solution when cleaning their private parts. The most recommended is water. Wash it with flowing water every day.

2. Frequent wash underwear

When choosing underwear, pregnant mothers try to choose pure cotton texture as much as possible.Change the underwear every day and dry it in the sun after cleaning.

3. Wear tight pants

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not wear tight pants. It is easy to be breathable, sweltering, breed bacteria, and try to wear loose clothing.

Although these embarrassments during pregnancy are difficult to enlighten, they must pay attention to the health of the baby to avoid delaying the condition and miss the best treatment time.

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