It is important to sleep during pregnancy. These two kinds of sleeping positions should be avoided, and it is easy to hurt the fetus

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As the pregnancy time increases slowly, the fetus is getting bigger and bigger in the stomach. When the mother’s bed is resting, it is always difficult to find a comfortable posture, which affects the quality of sleep during pregnancy.Because the pregnant mother sleeps well, the baby can grow healthier.Therefore, sleeping during pregnancy is very important. These two sleeping positions should be avoided and it is easy to hurt the fetus!

1. lying on your back

If you take a supine dysentery during pregnancy, it is easy to compress the cavity vein and iliac artery with the mother’s uterus, resulting in a reduction in blood volume.It may cause placental cycle disorders, cause the baby to cause hypoxia in the uterine cavity, and affect the normal development and growth of the child.

When you lie on your back, you are prone to hypotension, dizziness, and pale, cold sweat. If there is the above situation, you should immediately take the left side type.It slowly disappeared.

2. Sleep on the right side

After pregnant women are pregnant, the uterus will slowly rotate to the right at different angles. If you often take a right -handed rest, it may cause further rotation of the uterus to the right, which will cause the blood vessels to be oppressed and affect the blood supply of the baby.Lying on the right side of the late stage is not conducive to the growth of your child, and even affects your childbirth. As the uterus continues to increase, the organs in the abdomen will also be oppressed.

In addition, the squeezing colon in the abdomen cavity is squeezed, causing the mother’s uterus to rotate to the right to varying degrees, so that the uterus is normal, at the ligament, and film, and the blood vessels in the nutritional uterus in the new membrane will beIt will be implicated, affects the insufficient oxygen of the fetus, causes chronic hypoxia in the fetus, and can easily cause suffocation.

The long -term rest rest of the pregnancy may also cause the fetus around the neck. The rest of the pregnant woman is prone to fatigue, and the uterus always rotates in one direction.

In the third trimester, the best sleep on the left side

After the pregnant mother is in the third trimester, the sleeping posture of this period of time is particularly important. The slowest position of people is very important to the baby’s safety. It is recommended that during this period, it can be used to reduce and increase the pregnancy uterus., The oppression of the aorta and skeletal arteries of pregnant women maintains normal, the blood flow of the uterine arteries is smooth, and the normal blood supply of the placenta will be ensured, providing sufficient, nutrients, and can also reduce the compression of the lower cavity vein.Increase blood flow back to the heart.

Therefore, expectant mothers are not a simple thing to sleep. It takes the correct sleeping position to create a safe and comfortable development environment for children. It is crucial to eugenics and good health.

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