It is difficult to go to the toilet in the second trimester, do these points in advance, the pregnant mother is comfortable to go to the toilet

The pregnant belly was getting bigger and bigger in the second trimester. The pregnant mother went to the toilet and took the stood to work hard. I didn’t dare to work hard, especially when constipation, I was afraid that the child would come out.

However, some experienced pregnant mothers will prepare in advance, including adjusting diet and preparation for convenience. Today, I will share some good experience with pregnant mothers, hoping to help you.

Eat foods with high dietary fiber appropriately

Most of the pregnant mothers will have constipation in the second trimester, because there are many ways.It may be that the nutritional surplus is supplemented, and it will not be absorbed by the body. It will also get angry.However, it is not easy to take medicine during pregnancy. Constipation can be adjusted by diet. Pregnant mothers may wish to eat more foods with high dietary fiber.For example: celery, cabbage, spinach, etc.Of course, you also need to eat some neutral fruits, such as apples, oranges, etc., be careful not to eat cold or hot fruits.

Drink less water at night

In addition to constipation, it is not easy for pregnant mothers to go to the toilet at night. When you get up, you must bear the weight of the pregnant belly.Therefore, in the aspect of the toilet at night, the method is that pregnant mothers drink less water while sleeping at night, and do not eat high water -containing fruits.But this does not mean that in order to reduce the number of times the toilet, you will not drink water.You can still drink it in the daytime. Proper water supplementation. Do not let your body lack water to cause constipation, so you will lose money.

Use smart seats

Most of the current families will be equipped with seat toilet, which can reduce the trouble of pregnant mothers to go to the toilet to a certain extent.Of course, with the development of intelligent technology, the current toilet is also smart.Smart seats are more convenient for pregnant mothers. It will have many functions, including hip cleaning, drying, automatic water flushing and other functions. It is much more troublesome than ordinary seats. It does not need to rub PP for pregnant mothers.Therefore, it is recommended that mothers choose as many functions as possible when choosing a smart toilet, especially the cleaning function. It is best to have the function of warm water cleaning. In this way, the pregnant mother will be much more comfortable when cleaning.

Keep your mood comfortable

In the end, there is a mood problem. The greater the pressure, the more afraid of going to the toilet. The more you feel uncomfortable when going to the toilet.Pregnant mothers do not have to worry about the baby coming out in the second trimester. Occasionally, it is okay to use some strength, but do not try hard.When psychological pressure is high, you can eat some banana intestines to help to defecate.Of course, it is better if you defecate regularly.

In fact, not only in the later stages of pregnancy, the pregnant mother during the whole pregnancy was not convenient before pregnancy.If pregnant mothers want to be comfortable to the toilet, they must be prepared in advance. Eat foods with high dietary fiber, properly supplement water, use smart seats, maintain a comfortable mood, etc., so that you can spend your pregnancy smoothly.

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