It is difficult to change this nature after pregnancy.

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Xiao Han said that he was a female man, and after pregnancy, he did not converge the behavior of his female man. He couldn’t stop when he went home to wash and drag it from get off work.In fact, after Xiao Han became pregnant, her husband had been helping him to share housework, cooking, mopping, and washing all kinds of housework, but Xiao Han was a comparison. He liked to pick her husband’s thorns.Do the housework and do it again.Rest on the weekend, Xiao Han itch at home, get up early to buy food for cooking, start with breakfast and start Zhang Luo lunch, and then give a big cleaning at home.But the next day, Xiao Han felt that his body was wrong. The whole person was stiff on the bed.

Then hurriedly called her husband to rub her, so I tossed on the bed for more than an hour to slow down.Xiao Han was worried about the fetus with a problem and hurriedly asked her husband to take it to the hospital for examination. Fortunately, the fetus was unharmed. The doctor asked Xiao Han to go home to rest more, don’t work too much.When I leave, I also told Xiaohan that you should pay attention to it during pregnancy. Whether you were a female man, a female diamond or a female superman, but now you are a pregnant mother who must be responsible for the fetus in the abdomen.

Doing housework during pregnancy can help health, but this is limited to some simple household chores, and some pregnant mothers have done some housework because they should not do it, or they are not careful in housework labor, which will endanger health, even abortion and premature birth.Endering of fetal safety, these are not worthy.After pregnancy, let’s do the prospective dad to do it.

Cleaning: Great cleansing may need to clean up high -altitude and heavy items. These actions will put pressure on the abdomen and are not good for fetal health.

Cooking: It usually takes a long time to stand for a long time, which can easily lead to fatigue in pregnant women, and the air in the kitchen is not good.

Household chores bending: Bend over to cause excessive pressure on the waist and abdomen, cause insufficient blood supply to the placenta, etc., and it is not easy to get healthy fetal health.

Cold water washing things: It’s cold now, and washing things with cold water can easily cause blood gas stagnation in the body, which is not conducive to normal metabolism.


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