It is difficult to ask for the road, it is difficult to go to the sky

The marriage of the year in the "Doomsday of the World" in 2012, until 2015, I still didn’t get pregnant for three years. I have never been like a child. However, I can’t stand the pressure of public opinion., Sympathy with a trace of questions, as if getting the answer in the question …

They seem to be saying: Are you sick for so long?Is your husband sick?Are both of you who are sick?I can’t stand the pressure of public opinion, we are ready to ask for children, I just want to prove that I can have children!

The reality is cruel. I went to check my body and was diagnosed as a "polycystic ovary syndrome". Friends who have understood that this symptoms are complicated, the cause is unknown, it cannot be eradicated, and it is difficult to ask for a child … Then it is difficult to ask for a child … Then it is difficult to ask for a child … Then it is difficult to ask for a child … thenI started to watch the doctor’s path long …

To the three hospitals, the breeding hospital, the small to the roadside clinic, the doctor of the countryside, I took various medicines and took various needles. There were countless money. I still did not get pregnant.Quality lesions are just "polycysts". This disease is too difficult to cure!I gradually desperate in disappointment, and then gave up treatment …

The surrounding public opinion has always been there. It seems that the real thing is "I’m sick". Various friends of my Ma Ma introduced various doctors, and in the end, I really couldn’t stand the doctor introduced by a aunt to avoid fighting.Advertising, let him be Dr. Z. I have a face, and I have guess the process early for many years. I had no choice but to cooperate with …

Doctor Z is a little better than the other votes. He knows the psychology of seeking a child, because he has seen reproductive for many years, and every word he said can be said to be in the heart. With a meal, I feel a lot of good mood.Treatment for a long time, long injections and medicine infusion therapy, the medicine is too large to take the medicine, and the injection is not easy to get.Six stitches, I became a full -fledged medicine jar, and the infusion holes on my hand were dense. The most important thing was to spend money to liver pain. It was too expensive …!

Treatment for a long time … When I was about to despair, I finally became pregnant!IntersectionThen there was the fetal protection, and the injection of the medicine was still three months. It was finally stable. The difficult pregnancy process was finally given to Dabao!Intersection

Bring Dabao is difficult, Dabao strongly asked for a younger brother and sister, so I thought that they had given birth to one. The second one should be able to get pregnant naturally?IntersectionThe answer is: No!IntersectionThen I looked for Dr. Z again, this time I have been familiar with the car!

One meal of treatment operation is more difficult than Bao Dabao. After all, I have been a few years old. The treatment process is very painful and anxious. Because it is too expensive, I spend a lot of money.Another time to take medicine and injection infusion therapy …, it is simply a kind of torture, torture in money. Fortunately, the result is good. After a long treatment and fetal protection process, Erbao was born smoothly …!Intersection

Both of my babies were smashed out with money. I was lucky. At least the money spent had returned. Dr. Z still had a lot of watches and three years and still had no pregnancy. I was still being treated …. So hard … good torture …

The difficulty of asking for the son is mainly because of spending too much money, and no one can guarantee that there will be children if you spend money. This is the biggest reason for the hardships. The physical pain can be overcome.Who can stand it!Intersection

I wish you all the wishes on the road of Qi Zi, and you don’t spend money in vain!Intersection

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