It is best not to do these 4 things during pregnancy, otherwise children may grow birthmarks, and pregnant mothers don’t ignore

How important it is for a person to look at the social value of the face now. People with high face value can add points in their lives. Whether they are looking for a job or looking for objects, they will become simple and easy.I never have to worry about their own image, so many pregnant mothers pay special attention to the child’s face value when they are pregnant. Although the child’s face value will be inherited with the parents of the parents, the nutrition of the day after tomorrow is also the "Important means.

For a mother -in -law friend around me, she and her husband are very ordinary or high, and the skin is still a bit dark, but her two children are white and highly high.Mom and friends are recognized. Sometimes when we chat together, we will ask her what children to eat during pregnancy are so good. She always tells us that the fruits eat more. After the baby is bornAfter the child is born, the skin will be relatively white and the value is not low, but there are 4 things during pregnancy. The pregnant mother can no longer be able to do it. Otherwise, the child’s face is full of birthmarks to affect the child’s face value coefficient.

1. Don’t stay up late

After many pregnant mothers are pregnant, because the body’s response is relatively large and the body is not very comfortable, the family wants to reduce the burden on the pregnant mother when she looks distressed and let the pregnant mother resign from the home to raise the tire at home.I will feel boring. In this case, it is usually the pregnant mother who will start the drama chasing mode, and this kind of TV series and such things are easy to be "addictive" at a glance. Some pregnant mothers even stay up late to chase the drama.It is very unfavorable to the health of the pregnant mother’s body and the fetus, and it will also directly lead to the endocrine disorders of the pregnant mother’s body to affect the formation of metabolic functions. Some harmful toxins cannot quickly discharge the body, which may affect the healthy growth of the fetus in the future.The possibility of fetal malformations will also affect the child’s face value coefficient, and even the baby will have an ugly fetal notes after birth.

2. Don’t eat

Some pregnant mothers are particularly appetizing for pregnancy during pregnancy. Sometimes they vomit, so they simply do n’t eat.In fact, the nutrition of diet during pregnancy is particularly important. Once the diet is uneven, it will affect the healthy growth of the baby. The baby may also lack certain nutrients due to insufficient nutritional nutritional nutritional nutrition of pregnant mothers, such as calcium, iron, zinc, and zinc.When the trace element deficiency can easily affect the biochemical process of pigmentation, it attracts the increased pigmentation of pigment cells, and it is transmitted to the epidermis to form a birthmark.Although the fetus has a birthmark that is relatively safe to themselves, and traffickers are not willing to start with children with birthmarks, but each mother hopes that her baby’s face is clean and no defective, so pregnant mothers must pay attention to the balance of nutrition during pregnancy.

3. Do not do nails, hair dyeing, makeup

Many pregnant mothers pay special attention to dressing before pregnancy. After pregnancy, this kind of habitual habit cannot be changed for a while, so many pregnant mothers will do nails, dye hair, and makeup even if they are pregnant.Hair -dye paste and nail polish contain a large amount of chemicals. Even if the signs that pregnant women can use can be used, they will contain some more or less. These chemicals will indirectly affect the skin of pregnant mothers.In particular, some makeup and cosmetics have the greatest impact, so it is best to use this during pregnancy during pregnancy. If it is often used, it is likely that the baby will have a birthmark on the body after the birth of the baby. Of courseIf you can harm the health of the fetus, don’t ignore the pregnant mother.

4. Don’t eat cold food

The pregnant mother will be hot after pregnancy, so I also prefer to eat some cold foods, especially in summer, the weather is hotter. Pregnant mothers will eat some foods such as watermelon and ice cream to help the body cool down and make the body comfortable.Eating too much about these foods will affect the growth of the fetus, and most of these foods are high -sugar foods, which not only easily leads to excessive weight of pregnant mothers, but also causes high blood sugar for pregnant mothers.If you do n’t pay attention to your diet, your baby will have a young birthmark. If the pregnant mother does not want the fetus to have a birthmark, try to eat less cold food during pregnancy, and you can avoid the appearance of the birthmark.

Pregnant mother: How many of these 4 things do you do during pregnancy?


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