It is also pregnant, why do n’t others feel, but you spit well, maybe related to the fetus

Many women in life are also pregnant, but some women have almost no reaction during pregnancy, but some women spit a little things every day or smell something else.Is there such a big difference?

Nana and cousin are about the same time, but they are all pregnant, but Nana vomits darkly, but the cousin has no response at all. It is not affected to eat, drink, drink every day, so Nana often complains with her family and husbands. Why is it pregnant?Others don’t feel anything, but I spit it up, is this too unfair?In fact, women’s pregnancy vomiting is a very big test. Women learned that they can torture the jade rabbit before they learned that they are pregnant?Those who are severe in pregnancy will feel that they ca n’t eat or drink every day. It is very painful. In fact, pregnancy vomiting is serious or not serious. It may have something to do with the fetus.

Xiaobian’s confusion:

After the combination of eggs and sperm, fertilized eggs are formed. By improving the inner wall of the female uterus through fertilized eggs, they gradually develop into embryos and become fetuses. The moment the fertilized eggs are bed, it means that it has begun. Women’s bodyA series of changes will also occur. Because the estrogen and progesterone in the body will increase, it will make the pregnant woman’s body unbearable for a while.

The secretion of progesterone and estrogen is more stable for the conversion and dressing of fertilized eggs. It is also good for the growth and development of the fetus.Development is indeed related. If the fetus is relatively stable normally, it also proves that the hormone secretion in the pregnant woman’s body is balanced, and the stimulation of the body and stomach of this type of pregnant woman will be less.There will be no more intense pregnancy vomiting,

In addition, the degree of pregnancy reaction is also the influence of pregnant mothers.

For some pregnant women with good physical fitness, their own acceptance ability is relatively strong, and the change of hormones can also respond well, so there will be no serious pregnancy reaction.

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