It is also pregnant, some people are gentle as water, and some people vomit "collapse". Which type do you are?

I don’t know when it started, pregnancy vomiting seems to have become the iconic movement of pregnant women. In some plays, as long as the heroine suddenly turns his head and said that he has no appetite, or he feels nauseous, most of them are pregnant without running.

This way of expression made many unswatable women think that pregnancy vomiting after pregnancy is just such a simple response.After I really got pregnant, I found that the pregnancy vomiting was "gentle as water", but I vomited to collapse.

Girlfriends and husbands have been married for more than 3 years, and finally tested their pregnancy last month. The family was very happy, and she also regarded girlfriends as giant pandas.From knowing that I have been working, my girlfriends will be allowed to work at home.

The girlfriend was still very happy at the beginning, thinking that there was no response after pregnancy, it was really happy.Unexpectedly, the real painful days came immediately, and the girlfriend ushered in pregnancy.

And it is the kind of vomiting to the dark. As long as you see others eating or smell the taste, you will vomit more than you smell.

When going to visit her girlfriend, she complained that when I watching on TV is a mild manifestation, it does not affect eating or affecting daily life. Instead, it is not like this on TV.

After listening to the complaints of my girlfriend, I want to speak. In fact, there are really different people in life in life that are different, and they are different.

Although most Baoma will have pregnancy after pregnancy, according to the physical fitness of different people, there will be different performances. What type do you have?

1) Mild pregnancy vomiting is a symbol of the identity of the expectant mother

The lightest pregnancy vomiting occasionally appears. Such women will become sensitive after pregnancy. They will become sensitive to food smell and often feel disgusting, but there are fewer situations that can be spit out.It’s right.

Generally, the first three months of pregnancy disappear. Such a pregnant mother is relatively happy. It will not be criminal in the early stage of pregnancy. There are also some identity to upgrade the happiness.

2) inexplicable pregnancy vomiting, I feel that I have changed myself

The inexplicable pregnancy vomiting makes people very troublesome. After pregnancy, the pregnant mother is basically different from the taste before pregnancy, but it is strange that only when they encounter a smell that they don’t like, they will instantly sickness.

For example, the food that I loved before, I don’t want to touch it now, I feel that I have become inexplicable like myself.

3) It is easy to be misunderstood by "installed" pregnancy vomiting

At this level of pregnancy, expectant mothers are sometimes misunderstood by "pretending", and feel that they are "nothing wrong to find things".

They hated most pregnant women and did not dislike them. Instead, when they saw something and someone, they suddenly started to vomit, and they really looked like they were joking.

And most of this "someone" is a husband around him. They are innocent but there is no way. Bao Ma always can’t control it. He can only wait for the baby to be born. The situation is naturally fine.

The above level of pregnancy vomiting has its own characteristics, but most of the severity mothers can endure.

This kind of pregnancy can be said to be the most serious, only more serious.Specific mothers eat vomiting, drinking water, smelling vomiting, vomiting when others eat, and even from starting to pregnancy to the baby’s birth.

Although this situation is a minority, it does exist in life, which is really distressing.At the same time, pay attention to severe pregnancy vomiting, and go to the doctor.

Although pregnancy vomiting is not harmful to the health of the mother’s health, it will directly affect the feelings of pregnant mothers after pregnancy.Especially those pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy can be relieved.

In terms of diet, the development of embryos in early pregnancy is relatively slow, and the nutritional needs are not very large, so pregnant mothers do not need to supplement nutrition, as long as they maintain a normal diet.

Choose some foods you like to eat and eat less meals to eat, which can not only satisfy satiety, but also alleviate the emergence of pregnancy.For example, biscuits, bread, etc., have a strong sense of fullness, eat more vegetables and fruits, and supplement vitamins can prevent constipation.

In terms of daily exercise, the severe exercise after pregnancy should not be performed. Running, littering, and fast squatting are avoided.

You can take a walk outdoors, yoga and simple stretching of pregnant women, etc. It is recommended to carry out under the guidance of professionals.Proper exercise can not only enhance physical fitness and mood, but also distract attention and relieve the occurrence of pregnancy.

Psychological hints are also helpful to alleviate pregnancy vomiting. In the early stages of pregnancy, it is inevitable that there will be nervous, confused and overwhelmed situations. Such emotions are also the cause of aggravating pregnancy.

The good emotion after pregnancy is conducive to the development of the fetus, so pay attention to regulating emotions.You can communicate more with experienced pregnant mothers, or study related pregnancy knowledge, listen to music, etc.

Many times the worry is because of unknown, and when you understand everything, you will relax.If the above methods are not effective, of course, it is to be solved under the guidance of a doctor.

In most cases, the pregnancy does not require treatment. Unless the vomiting is particularly serious, nutrition cannot keep up with the development of the fetus, it is necessary to deal with the actual situation of the expectant mothers. It only needs to cooperate with the guidance of a good doctor.

Pregnancy vomiting after pregnancy is normal. Some elderly people say: The stronger the pregnancy vomiting, the healthier the baby is, the healthier, which is not accurate.

The expectant mother keeps in mind the birth check -up and relaxing mood after pregnancy. I hope that everyone’s pregnancy reaction during pregnancy is "gentle as water".

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