It has never been allowed to be a quasi -detailed journey (pre -pregnancy preparation and early pregnancy symptoms)

I first introduced my situation to 26 years old, and I started to prepare for pregnancy in February this year.But maybe before eating Mom Fulong, psychological tension or other factors, I was pregnant this month.The last menstrual period I came from 7/17, the early pregnancy was tested on the afternoon of 8/17, and then the morning urine test was used in the early morning.The color of the two lines in the morning has basically been uniform.8/18 starts to measure the body temperature at 36.94 ° C, and today 8/19 is 36.93 ° C.So although I haven’t been to the hospital to confirm, I believe I am definitely pregnant ~!Thanks to God!Thank you all thanks!Intersection

Some small experiences here share with JM!In this society, infertility is actually a considerable proportion, environmental pollution, unsafe food, great mental stress, etc. will affect conception!The problem of pregnancy is difficult to say, it is easy to say!

First of all, you have to have a preparation.I think that buying ovulation test strips is completely necessary. One is to find the opportunity not to waste the opportunity, and the other is for eugenics.Like me this month, 8/2 ovulation, I test every few hours, and wait until the strong yang becomes weak and yang ovulation.I ovulated at noon at noon on 8/2, and I was only in the same room at 22:00 in the evening. I also felt a bit late. Conditional sisters remembered that the earlier after ovulation, the better the same room.After the same room, I was cushion under the buttocks, so that sperm flowed more and more faster and faster.Some people recommend that the cushion is late, but there is no need for this. One is because you are actually moved by you unconsciously after you fall asleep, and you will definitely not be stable all night under your butt.The second is that sperm can be consciously moved closer to the eggs. When the sperm was shot, the sperm was not far from the egg. It was just a leader. If the sperm could not flow to the eggs for 2 hours, it would take a whole night.It’s also white.In fact, when shooting, good quality sperm may have encountered egg fertilization, and cushion is just in case.

Let’s talk about the symptoms of pregnancy.The first symptom is the chest.Every time I come to menstruation before, after ovulation, my chest will be a bit painful, probably some lobular hyperplasia, but there is no pain after ovulation this month. If there are JM with such comparison, it is likely to get pregnant.oh!

The situation I am going to say now should be my individual situation. I have no pain in my chest after ovulation. Ovulation is about 5 days. I feel a little acupuncture in the right abdomen during the supermarket.I still think that this was bed, and there was a silk blood in the leucorrhea at that time, although I couldn’t see it carefully.As a result, about 7 days of ovulation, the chest that had not been painful began to shed violently. It seemed that I had to make up the feeling of no pain in the past few days. At that time, I still thought about it.This pain is not the pain of pregnancy. I have been pregnant before, so I can clearly divide this pain.So I think I should not be pregnant again.

As a result, it turns out that there is always an accident in life.When I thought it was not, the little angel had been secretly here ~ and the people who were pregnant in the office recently were one after another. Maybe their "pregnancy" was passed on to me, and it was my turn to pick it up ~ Haha.JM must remember, mentality is also important.When I was preparing for pregnancy in February, I was full of nervousness. At that time, I was disappointed without I started to start a month and one month. I was nervous all day. Later, my mentality was slowly stable.So JM should not care too much about this, there will always be, morning and evening ~!

The following is the characteristics of other early pregnancy I have summarized

A appetite: This is a typical feature!Because I have become better and better since I got married, I didn’t care about it at the beginning.It was until 8/17 that I suddenly woke up.I have a headquarters, because last month I came to menstruation from 7/17, my monthly menstruation is generally at least 3 days in advance, and I always have some brown secretions about the day before the day before menstruation, and then I will come out first, and thenCome to menstruation.And this month, neither ahead nor brown secretions, that is, there is no sign of menstruation.On 7/17 last month, I ended 4 days of menstruation, and then two days after the next two days, there were some brown secretions, as if it was a bit dripping, so I thought that I thought this month I was counting the menstrual period because of the two days of dripping the menstrual period.So this menstrual menstruation was relatively lagging this time, so I didn’t think about pregnancy at all.Until at noon on Sunday, 8/17, they went to Macau Dou Dian for dining with their parents and husbands.At the first bite, I suddenly felt a strong feeling, and I was stunned at the time!That feeling is the first reflection of my completely unconsciousness. I feel that I finally eat this sweet and sour thing. There is a feeling that I can’t wait to swallow it immediately!This feeling is completely different from that of the average appetite. I felt a bit wrong at the time.Later, if you think about it carefully, this month’s appetite is indeed not the same as before. I just love to eat before, and sometimes it ’s nothing to eat. This month is not the same. It is very greedy. I ca n’t eat chopsticks.This month, the company had a dinner, dozens of dishes, and eaten from the beginning. I ate all the way, not just trying that.Hehe ~ So I went home that day and tested early pregnancy.And over time, more and more eats just feel full but not support.At noon, a box of lunches at noon today, my wind rolled into a stomachache. In the words of my colleagues, it was a turn, and the meal was gone.EssenceEssenceBut to be honest, I still feel that I don’t eat enough, but I don’t feel hungry.If JM has similar situations, you must carefully distinguish whether it is greedy.

Bloating: I don’t have this until now, but the nipples are very sensitive and hurt.This symptom starts from 10 days after ovulation.Because I had flowed before, the chest was reflected obvious, the chest was very tight, my nipples were tilted, my nipples were very obvious, and I often felt itchy chest.This time, the chest was not tightened, so I misleaded me. After ovulation every month, I observed my chest every day, haha ~ So I did n’t think about it this time, and I did n’t even think about it.Pregnancy, I always thought it was because of menstruation.It turns out that this is also a symptom of pregnancy.Usually, my husband will lick the nipples, and it will not hurt. But this time, I tried to pinch my nipples lightly, which was very painful. It was different from the feeling of touches.There are nipples and milk rings itching, not frequent, but it is not scratching when itching ~

Backache: This symptom is late than the chest, and it is 14 days after ovulation.This kind of backache is different from the menstrual period, which is a kind of weak acid.The acid around menstruation is acid and has no sense of weakness.And the lumbar soreness in menstruation can mitigate the sourness of the sourness, but this is not good. There is always a sense of powerlessness.

Stomach: I do n’t know if it ’s because of pregnancy. The stomach is always uncomfortable this month.When the ground is empty, the old will be hungry, and often feels hungry ~

There are some other symptoms.For example, some JM will fart, and I react on it, old hiccup, this symptoms are about one week after ovulation.

There is also a symptom that I don’t know if JM has noticed it, but I feel that my butt is open.How do you say this? It is a feeling. It is obvious when walking. There is also a simple method. The legs are together and clamped. It will obviously feel the feeling of opening the buttocks, and the root of the thighs will be relatively weak.This symptom was only felt in recent days. I think it should not be imagined by myself.Because listening to colleagues said that some experienced people can see if they are virgin and whether they are pregnant when they look at their butt.According to colleagues, pregnant people are like the old hen’s buttocks holding the eggs, and the buttocks are tilted and open. Corresponding to my feelings, it should have a basis.

After writing so much, I also want to learn from JM for a comparison. I have any other thoughts. If there are any questions in JM, I can ask me. I wish JM for pregnancy!

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