It feels good to collapse every day during pregnancy, the cause of pregnancy vomiting, precautions, and relieving methods, and the pregnant mother understands

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The mother group has a pregnant mother vomiting pregnancy: Why is it so uncomfortable for pregnancy? Today’s pregnancy is particularly uncomfortable, and the feeling of "illness into the paste" collapse every day.

In fact, pregnancy vomiting in early pregnancy is a normal response; and in addition to pregnancy, there may also be fatigue, dizziness, drowsiness, emotional irritability, etc., which are also normal reactions.

Therefore, pregnant mothers need to correctly understand pregnancy vomiting. Don’t have a psychological burden because of this. I feel that the baby’s baby is to toss the mother, or you feel that you have to lose hope for life.Moving the attention and good mood, and the pregnancy will be reduced.

After pregnancy, almost every pregnant mother has been tortured by different degrees of "pregnancy reactions". The most uncomfortable thing is pregnancy vomiting. Often, there is a meal in the stomach.Generally speaking, pregnancy vomiting will gradually improve after 3 months of pregnancy, but it also varies from person to person. There are also pregnant mothers until the moment before childbirth, or the drama is still vomiting.

Pregnancy, also known as pregnancy vomiting, is the most common reaction during pregnancy. It has many factors that are related.

① It is related to hormones rising sharply in the early pregnancy.

The increase in estrogen and progesterone after pregnancy, increased the stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract, and easily cause vomiting.

② Pregnant mothers have too much psychological pressure and loss of appetite.

Many pregnant mothers who are pregnant for the first time have not experienced pregnancy, nor do they realize the change of their own characters. They will have fear of long pregnancy and anxiety during pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, there will be loss of appetite.The stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract will also increase, and the performance of nausea and vomiting will be more obvious;

③ Pregnant mothers lack vitamins.

If the lack of vitamins in the pregnant mother, it will also aggravate the phenomenon of pregnancy, especially the lack of vitamin B6, which will increase the performance.

④ The stomach is originally discomfort.

If pregnant mothers have different degrees of gastritis and gastric ulcers, they are affected by the infection factors, and the performance of pregnancy may be more serious.

If it is normal pregnancy, pregnant mothers do n’t have to worry too much, it can be relieved by adjusting diet and relaxing mood, and it will gradually disappear after 3 months of pregnancy;"Twitter" may affect the health of pregnant mothers and the healthy development of the fetus.

① Severe vomiting can cause the pregnant mother to lose too much nutrition, causing herself and fetal malnutrition.

It will cause limited growth of the fetus, and it will also cause a large amount of trace elements in the pregnant mother’s body, which will increase the risk of premature fetal birth. If folic acid and iron are lacking, the development of the fetus’s nervous system will be greatly affected. At the same time, there may be abnormal placenta development.It is easy to appear early peeling and front placenta, which endangers the life of pregnant mothers and fetal baby;

② Severe pregnancy vomiting may cause the digestive tract mucosa to be congested, urged, and even bleed.

Sometimes the pregnant mother finds that there is blood in the vomit, but as long as there is no face, lips, and nails of the anemia, the pregnant mother does not have to worry too much.

③ Severe vomiting can cause the pregnant mother to lose too much water, and even dehydrate.

In this way, it will cause the acid -base balance in the body of the pregnant mother, and the keto acid poisoning, which is a relatively severe complication of pregnancy.

Pregnancy vomiting is experienced by each pregnant mother. If the pregnancy vomiting is severe, it is necessary to take a valid way to relieve it in time to avoid danger.

① Stay away from any taste that might cause sickness and vomiting.

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother is particularly sensitive to the taste, especially when cooking the smell of oil during cooking, then you can eat a light diet. Close the kitchen door when cooking, or the pregnant mother closes the room door, and open the window to keep the air circulation in the house, which will help help.Relieve the pregnancy of pregnant mothers.

② Dietary habits must be changed.

Many elderly people say "eating tubes, vomiting and vomiting", thinking that pregnant mothers should replenish food in time after vomiting, but this often makes pregnancy more serious.

Therefore, it is best to let pregnant mothers eat less meals and do not eat too much food at one time, but you have to eat something before you feel hungry, such as eating some dried fruit, yogurt, bread, fruits, etc.Add meals.

③ Rest appropriately.

When the pregnant mother feels that the stomach is not timely, it is best to sit down or lie down and rest for a while. Excessive fatigue will also aggravate vomiting.

④ Dynamic attention.

For example, when pregnant mothers can choose to take a walk when they are in good condition, take a walk, do pregnant women yoga, etc., look at the scenery outside and breathe fresh air, which can help transfer attention; you can also transfer attention in other ways, such as shopping, chatting, chatting, chatting, chatting, chatting, chattingShopping, doing things that are interested in yourself, etc., will help relieve the expression of pregnancy.

⑤ Supplement vitamins.

Pregnant mothers who have pregnant vomiting can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Pay attention to supplement vitamins. Even severe pregnant mothers can find doctors to open some B vitamin tablets. Successive vitamins can help relieve the symptoms of pregnancy.

In most cases, pregnancy vomiting is a normal pregnancy reaction. Do n’t worry too much about it. Just take some small measures to deal with it correctly.

However, if it is a serious situation, you must seek medical treatment in time, treat the doctor’s advice, and avoid taking medicine yourself to avoid harming the fetus and your own health.

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