Issue 10: How to understand the initial phenomenon of pregnancy

How to understand the initial phenomenon of pregnancy?


See if you feel particularly tired.Due to the rise in hormones, as one of the signs of pregnancy, most women will feel particularly tired.



See if you can’t breathe a little.The fetus that grows slowly requires oxygen, so you may feel a little hypoxia.Unfortunately, if you decide to give birth to a baby, it is likely that it will always feel that oxygen is insufficient.


Recall whether you feel sleepy and weak.Due to the relationship between hypoglycemia or hypotension, a dizziness and fainting may mean that you are pregnant with your baby.


Check whether your breasts and/or nipples are soft and sour.Many women will feel their breasts more plump and softer in the early pregnancy, while nipples are more sensitive.


See if there are signs of cramps and/or edema.The early signal of this pregnancy feels like you are going to menstruation.This may be because of your menstruation or early pregnancy.



See if there is a headache.It is generally believed that due to the changes in hormones in the body during pregnancy, headaches are common problems with women who are just pregnant.


See if there is a back pain.If you do n’t hurt your back, this may be because the ligaments on your back are relaxing so that you have to be prepared for the next year.


See if you have blood points.Mild vaginal bleeding may be due to fertilized eggs in the endometrium.Many women think that their menstruation begins, but it is actually one of the early symptoms of pregnancy.


See if there is a sudden emotional change.If you are really pregnant, you will gather many new hormones in your body.This means that you may tear or suddenly shed tears for an inconspicuous incident.


You need to know that nausea and/or vomiting may also be a signal.Generally, there will be morning vomiting only one month after pregnancy, and some people do not have this symptom.


You know that urination is also a signal than frequent frequent.Due to the increase in blood and other body fluids, the kidneys will eventually flow through the kidneys and enter the bladder, resulting in increased urination.With your pregnancy process, the increase in urination may increase.


See if you have no menstruation.If your menstruation rules and you can usually predict when it will start, then this symptom can definitely indicate early pregnancy.You may find that your menstruation has not come before any other pregnancy signs.Then, then



Pay attention to your desire for food.Do you really want to eat something you usually never eat?Or just want to eat something that I don’t eat often?Wanting to eat is a common pregnancy signal.


See if you are more sensitive than usual.This early pregnancy symptoms may be caused by the rise of estrogen, but no one can determine the cause.


Remember your basic body temperature.When you remember the basic body temperature, one of the signs in the early stages of pregnancy is that the body temperature is higher than usual at this time.


Take a pregnancy test.Most of the pregnancy test cannot be measured before your menstruation.If there are other signs of pregnancy, and your menstruation has not come yet, you can test again in a few days

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