Isn’t the pelvic effusion serious?What should I do?The answer is all in this article

In real life, women pay more and more attention to their own gynecological health issues, and regularly go to the hospital for gynecological examinations. It is a good habit of many women.During the regular inspection, many women found the problem of pelvic effusion on the B -ultrasound report. I do n’t know if it is serious or not.If you want to solve the problem of pelvic effusion, you must know what kind of pelvic effusion is, and understanding it will not be too panic.

The pelvic effusion is not a gynecological disease. It is just a concept of imaging. It is a description of the pelvic liquid in the pelvic cavity.Therefore, it is not that the pelvic effusion will definitely damage the health of the body. It must be explained that there is a gynecological disease. It is the best strategy to keep calm.There are two types of pelvic effusion, there are two types of physiological pelvic effusion and pathological pelvic effusion. The physiological pelvic effusion is a normal situation. Pathological pelvic effusion means that there are gynecological problems behind it.Type for treatment.

There are two types of pelvic effusion. One of them is physiological pelvic effusion. Pelvic effusion does not require special solution, no special treatment, and there will be no particularly uncomfortable symptoms.Regardless of the effusion or less, it will not be particularly serious. Regular observation can be observed to see if it can be absorbed by the human body.The physiological pelvic effusion often appears before and after ovulation, because there will be ovarian ovarian when ovulation, and some liquids will flow out. These liquid flows into the pelvic cavity and the pelvic effusion will appear.There is also a pelvic effusion, that is, before and after women’s menstruation, the pelvic cavity of women’s menstruation will be congested before and after menstruation. At this time, the effusion will be seen in the pelvic cavity.

Corresponding to the physiological pelvic effusion, the proportion of pathological pelvic effusion is relatively large.The pathological pelvic effusion and three major causes are pelvic inflammatory disease, luteum rupture and ectopic pregnancy.Pelvic inflammation is inflammation that occurs in the pelvic cavity. Its main symptoms are abdominal pain and abnormal leucorrhea, but not all pelvic inflammation will appear in pelvic effusion.The luteal rupture is a gynecological acute abdomen that often appears after the same room.It has very severe abdominal pain, and it will also feel nausea and vomiting. The luteal rupture is light and heavy. It requires conservative treatment, and severe ones need surgery for treatment.Ectopic pregnancy is the third cause and is also the common cause of pelvic effusion.If you want to judge whether it is an ectopic pregnancy, to see if you have the performance of menopause, ectopic pregnancy will cause women to stop menopause.Ectopic pregnancy can also cause women to suffer from abdominal pain, but if you want to do the final diagnosis, you need to do further examination.

During the examination, I found that I have the problem of pelvic effusion. It is necessary to analyze the specific problems and see which kind of pelvic effusion it is.If it is a physiological pelvic effusion, there is no special treatment, just take a good rest. If it is a pathological pelvic effusion, you need to find the cause behind the cause, and the problem can be solved.

Do not worry too much about the pelvic effusion, analyze calmly, do further examination, and see what type of pelvic effusion it is.Women should love their health, do not delay when there are some diseases, and take time treatment. It is impossible to taboo diseases and doctors.

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