Isaba sweet carcinogenic?Can sugar -free drinks still drink safely?Reporter investigation

Source: Beijing Evening News

Drinks with the "sugar -free" slogan are the health choices in many people’s hearts.Recently, sweet taste Asba has fallen into controversy, which once again arouses people’s attention to sugar -free drinks.On the social platform, many bloggers began to make articles around Asba’s sweetness, sorting out the "list of sweet snacks with Asba", which brought a lot of anxiety to netizens.The Beijing Evening News (ID: WXBJWB) reporters have verified that Asba sweets are widely used in beverages and gum, but they have relatively small applications in snacks. Only individual brands of potato chips and plums show that of Asba sweet.

"These foods we have eaten since childhood contain Asba sweet, and quickly forwarded it to their family members." "Today, I went to the supermarket to sort out the snacks and drinks containing Asba. After seeing itPeople. "On the short video platform, some bloggers listed all kinds of foods containing Asba.

The reporter visited and saw that many sugar -free drink formulas on the market indeed show that Asba is sweet, such as Coca -Cola Zero Soda, Pepsi Sugarless Cola, Fanta Sugar -Wanfan Soda, Sprite Fiber+Lemon Soda, Jiulong Zhai -osmanthus sour plum soup, Zhenzhen lychee flavor soda, big kiln guests fruit flavor soda, Qiulin Gavas and so on.

In addition to drinks, Asba is also widely used in gum.The sugar -free gums such as Yida, Mars, Marson, and Hyun Mai have added Asba sweets. In addition, the sugar -free tablets such as cool and Binglik also add this sweetener.

However, in the snack area of the supermarket, the reporter turned around. The probability of Asba’s sweet appearance in the ingredient table was relatively small, and only some brands were used.For example, the cucumber flavor of Lesli potato chips, the Italian fragrant red red stewed flavor adds Asba sweet, while the original and original cut potato chips are not added with Asba.

In addition, some of the products of Hao Liyou also added Asba sweets, including Hao Liyou Potato Wish, "Yeah! Tudou", a lot of fish, and friends, and Friends Fun Fascin -cut potato chips.In addition, some words of plum products have also added Asba sweets, including super friendly, colorful plums, and the love of fruit.

Dairy products also use Astba sweet products relatively few. At the yogurt counter, the reporter checked one by one and found that only the three -yuan bag of sugar -free yogurt and the red jujube -flavored yogurt was used in Asba.

"Sugar -free dispute" in the beverage market

In today’s beverage market, the concept of "sugar -free" is very popular.In particular, after entering the summer, the competition of sugar -free beverages has become more intense.

The reporter saw that in the beverage area of supermarkets and convenience stores, more than half of the products took the banner of "zero sugar", occupying an absolute "C position".Promote "sugar -free", but there are artificial sweeteners in the ingredient table.The reporter sorted out several main beverages. In addition to the use of Coca -Cola and Pepsi, the sweetness of vitality forests is mainly red moss glycol., Lygol, chloride sucrose, sugar -free lemon tea, use red moss, sucrose, and Acemi.There are only some sugar -free tea beverages such as Sanchali and Oriental leaves.

According to the classification, the sweetener can be divided into artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners according to the source. It can be divided into high -number sweeteners and low -power sweeteners according to the sweetness.Big moss, lignitol, maltol, and other low -twice sweeteners. Anti, sweetin, Asba sweet, and chloride sucrose belongs to chemical synthetic high -power sweeteners.According to the research report of Guoxin Securities, the relatively mainstream choices in the market are tricanlose sucrose and moss. The average annual compound growth rate of their output is much higher than that of Astimi and Asba.

What is Asba sweet?Will it cause cancer?

According to Xinhua News Agency, there are media reports that the international cancer research institutions under the World Health Organization will announce that Asba will be "possible carcinogen" in July.What is Asba sweet?What food contains Asba sweet?Is Asba sweet and safe?

As one of the most common artificial sweeteners in the world, the chemical name of Asba’s sweetness is metacopenate metamate. Its calories are 1/200 of sucrose, but the sweetness is 200 times that of sucrose.In 1974, the US Food and Drug Administration approved Asba Sweetan to be food additives. In 1982, Coca -Cola launched the first sugar -free product with Asba sweetly increased sweetness -Jianyi Cola, which launched zero degrees in 2005 and launched zero degrees in 2005.Cola.

With the excessive consumption of sugar, it also brings health problems such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and excessive obesity.Because of high sweetness and low calories, Asba is widely used in low -calorie and sugar -free foods, such as drinks, milk powder, candy.

Don’t use sugar -free drinks as "weight loss pills"

The reason why sugar -free drinks are hot is the "sugar anxiety" of young people at the moment. Many people maintain their body and pursue low -calorie diet, and sweeteners are a kind of satisfaction with sweetness but basically incompetence or low energy.substance.But what cannot be ignored is that the related disputes in the market have never been broken.

Most of the sugar moon cakes are gimmicks. Although the use of sweeteners with calories instead of sucrose, the refined flour and starch of making cakes are sugar. Coupled with a large amount of animal and plant oil, it is easy to cause blood sugar to rise after consumption."Zero sugar is not equal to zero card, consumers must have a certain ability to identify."

Zhong Kai, director of the Kexin Food and Health Information Exchange Center, suggested that consumers with the need to reduce sugar should drink plenty of water, do not drink or drink sugar -containing drinks.Better choices, but sugar -free drinks are not "weight loss pills", the key is to balance diet and exercise.

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