Is urticaria torment during pregnancy?Doctors have 5 tricks to quickly improve the symptoms of discomfort

Although the process of breeding life is very happy, it is also very hard. In this special period, pregnant women can easily change due to their own hormone levels. Some discomforts occur. Urticaria during pregnancy is a common skin disease that brings a lot of troubles to pregnant women.EssenceWith urticaria, itching of the skin is a typical symptom, and in the period of pregnancy, he cannot blindly use western medicine, so many pregnant women are in pain because of the urticaria.Let’s take a look at us, how can pregnant women get urticaria, how can we make ourselves better.

1. Go to the doctor immediately

Female pregnancy is a very special period. In this special period, he has to be careful, because not only should you take care of the health of the pregnant woman, but also the fetus.During the pregnancy, if the wind group appeared on the body and it felt itchy, I had to go to the doctor immediately to see if it was urticaria.Can’t take western medicines casually or use some folk remedies, which will pose a great threat to fetal health.It is the most correct choice to go to a regular hospital to see a doctor. Doctors can prescribe the drugs that are most suitable for pregnant women according to the specific situation of pregnant women to improve the itching of pregnant women’s skin.

2. Take more rest

Some pregnant women are because of the low immunity. Don’t be stubborn at this time. You should pay more attention to rest.Only by ensuring sufficient sleep time can we get the resistance and get rid of the entanglement and torture of urticaria as soon as possible.Don’t stay up late. Staying up late will not only damage the health of the pregnant woman, but also adversely affect the fetus, but also often reverse day and night during pregnancy, which will also affect the children’s scouting habits after birth.

3. Don’t scratch with your hands

When the skin feel itching, scratching with your hands is a subconscious response.But no matter what kind of skin disease causes skin itching, do not scratch it with your hands, because there are a lot of bacteria on your hands. If the nails are long and the affected area is scratched, the infection is prone to cause the disease.More serious.If pregnant women have urticaria, do not scratch them with their hands. They must restrain their instincts. Do not make urticaria more serious.

4. Pay attention to dressing

Although it has entered autumn now, it is still very hot in many areas. At this time, if urticaria is obtained, you must pay attention. Do not be too cautious in dressing. You should wear more loose and comfortable.It is necessary to choose some loose home clothes and out -of -service clothes with cotton and linen texture. Do not allow patients to be friction, otherwise it will make pregnant women more itchy.

5. Adjust the diet appropriately

Some pregnant women can get urticaria because they have exposed to some allergens that can lead to allergies in diet.Therefore, it should be strictly screening the daily diet of pregnant women, finding out the allergens, and then excluding the allergens outside the menu of the daily diet of pregnant women.In the future, pregnant women should also adjust their diet mode appropriately. They eat light and nutritious. Don’t eat food that will stimulate the pregnant woman itself.

Urticaria during pregnancy is tortured a lot of pregnant women, making itchy for pregnant women and unable to live calmly.At this time, you must calm down, seek medical treatment in time, and obey the doctor’s guidance and suggestions to make the most correct response. Treatment at the same time in life, so that urticaria can be better, so as to get rid of the torture of urticaria as soon as possibleEssence

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