Is there maternity leave for artificial abortion?

Can abortion leave for maternity leave?Women enjoy maternity leave after giving birth, which is a benefit to female compatriots.So, if it is abortion, is there any maternity leave?Let ’s find a detailed answer for everyone.

1. Can abortion be restless leave?

Artificial abortion can leave maternity leave, and those who have not had children who have not had children are in line with family planning. As long as there are people, they can enjoy small maternity leave.

Specific analysis:

1. If the female employee has a miscarriage of less than 4 months of pregnancy, it will enjoy 15 -day maternity leave.

2. If you have a miscarriage for 4 months of pregnancy, you can enjoy 42 -day maternity leave.

3. If you meet the number of abortion of family planning, according to the doctor’s leave, it is treated according to the leave of the sick leave.

4. Citizens who implement family planning surgery have one of the following circumstances and if they need to rest with the consent of the doctor, their holidays shall be treated according to sick leave:

(1) After the first manual abortion and after an artificial abortion due to the failure of the in -palace, after the failure of the in -palace, the sterilization, and subcutaneous implantation failure, it has been filled with a prescribed holiday.

(2) No artificial abortion was artificially aborted again without sterilization, placing in -palaces or subcutaneous implantation.

(3) Breeding surgery complications occur.

2. Abortion belongs to maternity leave or sick leave

Whether it is abortion or induction of labor, it is equivalent to giving birth to a baby once.More damage to female employees forcibly induced labor.In the process of artificial abortion, the operation of the medical staff is slightly careless, which will damage the women’s uterus and may affect fertility.Therefore, our country’s 2016 maternity leave regulations should be artificially aborted for women in miscarriage.

1.Article 8 of the "Labor Protection Regulations of Women’s Workers" who are pregnant and aborted by female employees, their units shall give a certain period of maternity leave according to the certification of the medical department.(It is not distinguished here whether it has been born with children)

2.Article 2 of Labor Criminal Words [1988] No. 2 "Notice of the Ministry of Labor on Several Issues on Fertility of Female Workers" stipulates that when female employees have less than four months of abortion, they shall be given 15 days to thirty to thirty according to the opinions of the medical department.Later maternity leave; when the abortion of more than four months of pregnancy is given for 42 days of maternity leave.During maternity leave, wages are paid.

If a female employee has a miscarriage for less than 4 months, it shall be given for 15 days to 30 days according to the hospital’s proof; when miscarriage of 4 months of pregnancy, 42 days of maternity leave, and 7 months of pregnancyEssenceFor female employees who have more than two times of natural abortion and now have no children, they should be transferred out of operational positions that may directly or indirectly lead to abortion.

The above is the relevant information about "artificial miscarriage has immovable leave", and I hope it can help you.

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