Is there any taboo for pregnant women to move?

Is there any taboo for pregnant women to move?

It is best not to move with a pregnant woman at home

First, from Feng Shui, there are pregnant women at home, especially in the case of two or three months. It is best not to move activities.Once women are pregnant, they will be protected by fetal gods, and the fetal gods are in different orientations every day. Large movements like moving will affect the fetal god, so that the mother and the child may have an adverse effect.Second, from a practical point of view, pregnant women have a greater emotional fluctuations when they are pregnant, and when moving, pregnant women may be affected by the moving environment and have emotional instability, of course, it is not good for the fetus in her belly.Therefore, it is best not to move a pregnant woman at home.

There are pregnant women who have to move

First, if you cannot avoid moving when you have a pregnant woman at home, you must refer to the yellow calendar with the eight characters of the birthday to avoid moving the fetal god.It is recommended to buy a new broom when moving, tie a red cloth at the junction of the handle and head, and sweep the new home.

2. During the movement, we must consider the emotions of pregnant women. Although there are no pregnant women to avoid moving, just pay attention not to work too much.But for the safety of your and your baby, it is best not to participate in moving activities.

What do pregnant women need to pay attention to

1. Pregnant women must pay attention to avoid moving work with a large arc, especially not being able to carry heavy objects, bend over, and work less. Try to rest as much as possible.Second, in the process of moving, not only requires high labor, but some other trivial matters will also affect the mood of expectant mothers.

Third, the expectant mothers do not move things, because this is easy to increase the abdominal pressure, so that the uterus sinks to the pelvis bottom, so that the symptoms such as frequent urination, lumbar acid, etc., and even the pain of the mouse’s body pain.

4. If the pregnancy of pregnant women is relatively long and the belly is relatively large, then on the day of moving, try not to stay at home to avoid the workers of the moving company that hurt herself during the transportation process, and it can also avoid the pregnant woman affects the moving workers.Moving efficiency.

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