Is there any harm to pregnant women with lipsticks affect the fetus?

Every woman loves beauty. Can a woman be red like usual when she becomes pregnant? Is there any harm to pregnant women with lipstick?The friends who want to know, let’s follow the editor to take a look!

1. What is the harm of pregnant women with lipstick

Lipstick is composed of a variety of oils, wax, dyes and spices. These ingredients are more likely to cause allergies, especially for mothers.Among them, oil and fat usually uses wool fat, which is a transparent paste recovered and refined from waterts.

Wool fat can adsorb various heavy metal trace elements that are harmful to the human body in the air, but also can adsorb microorganisms such as E. coli that can enter the baby’s body. At the same time, it also has a certain penetration effect.

After the prospective mother applies lipstick, some of the harmful substances in the air will be adsorbed on the lips. When speaking and eating, as saliva enters the human body, it will cause the baby’s belly to hurt the baby’s belly.Therefore, it is best not to apply lipstick, especially don’t apply lipstick for a long time.

If you must apply it in some special occasions, polite requirements must be applied, you must pay more attention when speaking. You must remove it during meals. After the event, remove makeup to avoid harm to the body and baby.

2. Which ingredients are not suitable for expectant mothers

During pregnancy, you must read the instructions carefully and pay attention to ingredients.Essential oil products should be carefully selected during pregnancy. Before buying skin care products containing essential oil ingredients, you must consult the lady of the counter to see if the ingredients are suitable for expectant mothers.

During the early pregnancy, the baby is the most unstable within about three months.Therefore, during this period, pay more attention to the use of skin care products and cosmetics.During pregnancy, the choice of cosmetics is mainly to pay attention to lead content, and try to choose cosmetics with low lead in lead.During pregnancy, cosmetics contain vitamin K, vitamin A acid and other vitamin A derivatives.

In addition, expectant mothers absolutely ban oral A acid, oral antibiotics and oral steroids. As for external use of A acid, some doctors say safety, some people oppose it. For safety reasons, I suggest that expectant mothers best use them with caution.For example, there are "VitaminaaCID", "RetinylPalmitate" and "Adapalene", which represents it containing A acid or A alcohol. Moms are best not to use.

3. Precautions for sexual life in pregnant women

1. Forbidden sexual life

From the beginning of pregnancy to the end of 3 months of pregnancy, the placenta is in the development stage, especially the connection between the placenta and the mother’s palace wall is not close. Sexual life can vibrate the uterus and easily cause miscarriage.Therefore, sexual life should be prohibited as much as possible within 3 months.

2. Reduce sexual life

Pregnant women are more stable for pregnant women at 4-9 months of pregnancy and can be sexually intersecting once a week. However, it should be noted that each sexual intercourse should not be too long, and be careful not to directly stimulate women’s sexual organs.

3. Absolutely prohibited sex life

In the third trimester, especially the month of delivery, that is, after 9 months of pregnancy, the fetus began to fall in the direction of the delivery channel. The cervix of pregnant women gradually softened. If this period of sexual intercourse, the fetal membrane is broken early, and the possibility of intrauterine infection may occur.Spread (that is, break).At the same time, in the late stages of pregnant women, due to the sensitive uterus and direct stimulation of the outside world, there is a possibility of premature delivery of medical uterine contraction. Therefore, sexual life must be absolutely prohibited in the late stages of pregnant women.

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