Is there a time in life? Is she pregnant?

When she was in self -study last night, Xiaoxia took out Xiao Ran’s poems again and read, and she looked straight.Is this written to her?Is it implying her?

Some people say that the lack of children who love their loved ones are the most vulnerable and easier to be moved. Is it yourself?Is it because he lacks love?Is it because he is fragile?Otherwise, why did her heart move again after experiencing Xiao Hai?

Xiaoxia knocked his head fiercely with his hands, not allowed to be stupid, no more heart, and kept his heart, so that he would not be hurt!It was really bitten by a snake, and I was afraid of the well rope for ten years!

Xiaoxia took a deep breath and made her heart settled.I glanced at the last line of small characters again. No matter what, I would like to let her modify it, and I will return it to him tomorrow.Not only that, she severely examined herself in today’s diary, and she just wanted to learn and earn money in the future.After writing the diary, her heart calmed down.

She looked up and looked around. It turned out that the classmates were gone, leaving only her.It was found that the lights of the classroom found that today’s moonlight is bright, the cold clearing is full of campus, and the mottled tree shadow stands quietly, and occasionally comes from the corner.

When Xiaoxia returned to the dormitory, she saw Xiaojuan was preparing to wash and looked uncomfortable.Xiaoxia was also holding the water cup to brush her teeth. Xiaojuan suddenly vomited, and she was always retching.Xiaoxia also panicked and felt bad in her heart.

Suddenly, at the backlight in front of him, Xiaoxia saw Teacher Shu straight.She stood up so rigidly, and didn’t say a word. Seeing Xiaojuan kept vomiting, she stood for about ten minutes before leaving.

Is Xiaojuan pregnant?Xiaoxia wrote like this when she read the novel.What if she is pregnant?She didn’t dare to ask Xiaojuan, and helped Xiaojuan pat his back. Xiaojuan’s face was yellow, as if she was sick.

Recently, Xiao Yu also moved to a boys’ dormitory, and the house rented outside was retreated.

Xiaoxia: "Am I going to tell Xiao Yu?"

Xiaojuan: "No, I just get cold."

The lively and cheerful Xiaojuan went to bed with a heart, and covered her head tightly with a quilt.After Xiaoxia washed, she also gently got on the bed. They seemed to be the first way, and they all had their own minds.

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