Is there a shelf life of red wine?Can I still drink ten years ago?Listen to the experts, don’t drink blindly

As the internationalization situation is getting better and better, many foreign brands have also entered the public’s vision.The same is true for the wine industry, all kinds of red wine, foreign wine, etc. have entered the Chinese market.

It is precisely because of this phenomenon that the wine table gradually has more red wine, especially the wine -based wine producing red wines mainly appeared on the wine table, but at the same time, the lack of supply and floating prices allow ordinary consumersDo not go down.But in fact, the wine of our country’s wine is also long. At present, the winemaking site in Xinjiang is still preserved thousands of years ago.

Have you ever seen the red wine friends who often drink red wine? If you are careful enough, you should find the difference, that is, the shelf life of Chinese wine is added to the backpack of Chinese red wine, and there is no foreign ones.

Under the influence of the TV series, we also know that the rich often shows the identity as Rafie who has been drinking for 82 years, and many netizens have confused. They have both the shelf life and the old wine that collects half a century.Can I still drink it in ten years?Rather than listen to some experts.

1. What is the shelf life?

The so -called shelf life is to let you drink it in this time, which also means that it is the peak of the taste. Although it is over this time, it is expired but can be consumed, but the taste is slightly worse.

For foreign red wine, even worse wine will not mark the shelf life.The 82 -year -old Lafite we are familiar with is top -level aged liquor.However, the general red wine will go through the peak to the decline process, which means the end of the drinking period.

2. Save method

Although it is said that the shelf life is still available, it will not be much worse if it is preserved properly.

First of all, the temperature of about 12 degrees is the most suitable.

Secondly, to avoid exposure, it is easy to deteriorate after a long period of exposure.

In the end, the humidity of 50-80, water vapor with too high humidity lingers wood products is very moldy, once mold is moldy, it will cause the wine to pollute.If the humidity is not good, the wooden plug in the bottle is particularly dry because there is no moisturizing of water vapor, which will cause the sealing to deteriorate.

But then again, although the appearance rate of red wine on the wine table is getting higher and higher, the status of the mainstream liquor cannot be shaken. After all, liquor is engraved in the blood of the Chinese people.Of course, some people think that red wine can highlight the elegant temperament and is slightly beneficial to the body, but pure grain liquor is also possible under the appropriate amount.

If you can see what pure food and wine can win our attention!

1. Guokang 1935

The reputation of this wine may not be infiltrated in other provinces, but there are a large number of consumers shouting for them locally.And this wine comes from the hand of Fan Yinghua, the wine, and Mr. Fan has experienced most of his life to fight for the drunk career, and it will also exert the heat in this industry.

A wine can be delicious and indispensable, so the glutinous sorghum that is abundant on the banks of the Chishui River is a natural raw material. At the same time, the process of 12987 used by the process technology is extremely complicated and time -consuming.

In a blink of an eye, the time passed away, and the original wine was born.The birth of the original wine is not enough to meet the standards of the factory, but only after five years of storage.In the end, the wine of the wine is full of special features, mellow wine, strong incense, soft and smooth entrance, and it will still be overwhelmed after drinking.

2. Gu Beichun whiteboard

Gu Beichun is a winery in Shandong. It is famous in the Luxi area, and its liquor is covered with three major incense types.And this ancient shell spring whiteboard is a strong type of liquor.

Its raw materials come from the raw grain production base under the Gubeichun Group. The selected raw materials are injected into the soul into the body.Multi -processes are brewed.

The wine is full, the entrance is soft and sweet, the fragrance of the cellar is strong, and the taste is coordinated. It is a very appropriate white wine.

Do you think liquor is delicious or red wine?

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