Is there a pelvic effusion for early pregnancy?Can drinking soy milk check sex hormones?

The first question that the two questions often asked by netizens today are:

Is there a pelvic effusion tight after pregnancy?

Under normal circumstances, there can also be a certain effusion in the pelvic cavity of women, which has a lubricating effect on the internal organs in the pelvic cavity. Especially after ovulation, the pelvic effusion will be more.

Some women also have a small amount of pelvic effusion after pregnancy, which is generally normal.Because the follicles are ruptured before pregnancy, a small amount of physiological effusion formed with the pelvic cavity after ovulation.There is also early pregnancy pelvic congestion, which can cause exudate, gathered in the pelvic cavity and cause a small amount of pelvic effusion.Generally, it is not accompanied by any discomfort. This is a physiological phenomenon during pregnancy. It has no impact on health and does not affect fetal development. It does not need to be treated.

If there is a medium amount, even a large number of pelvic effusion after pregnancy, it is also accompanied by continuous pain in the lower abdomen. This is an abnormal manifestation. It is considered that it is caused by the abnormal phenomenon caused by pelvic inflammation in pregnancy.It is due to ectopic pregnancy.

If the B -ultrasound has been diagnosed with internal pregnancy, it is normal for a small amount of effusion in the pelvic cavity in early pregnancy.It will not affect fetal growth and development; generally absorb itself, don’t worry too much.

The second question is:

Can I check sex hormones after drinking soy milk?

Soy milk contains isoflavone, which is similar to the chemical structure of estrogen. It is a plant estrogen. It belongs to a non -sterite compound that naturally exists in plants.It is widely distributed among many foods, such as libinalin in lentils and grains, and incense in soybean sprouts.

The estrogen contained in soy milk is different from the estrogen in the human body, and the isoflavones in soybean is not high. Drink a cup of 200ml soymilk content does not exceed 20 mg.It can only produce a trace amount of estrogen -like. After the activation or detoxification of metabolic enzymes in the body, there are still little left.Therefore, soy milk cannot change the level of estrogen in the blood.

Soymilk contains a lot of nutrients and minerals. Drinking soy milk often is better for people’s health. Drinking some soy milk appropriately can play a certain role in calcium supplementation.

However, although soy milk is good, it should not drink too much. Too much consumption can easily cause poor protein digestion, symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, etc., and also increase the burden on the kidneys.

Therefore, drinking soymilk does not affect check estrogen levels.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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