Is there a normal stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy?Pregnant mothers must watch!

For mothers who have given birth to babies for the first time, a little abnormalities in the early stages of pregnancy will attract our attention. In the early stages of pregnancy, stomach pain makes pregnant mothers panic.See why your stomach hurts during pregnancy?

Stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy

Normal stomach pain:

1. In the early stages of pregnancy, the uterus will slowly increase, and at the same time, the round ligament of the uterus is pulled, and there will be stomach pain.This pain is mostly located on the side or bilateral side of the lower abdomen, which is involved in pain, blunt pain or hidden pain. When taking a long way or changing position, the pain will become more obvious.

Pregnant woman’s stomach pain

2. Stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy. Women often have symptoms such as acid, heating, and upper abdomen compression. They are the result of stomach compression due to increased uterus.Coupled with the weakening of gastrointestinal peristalsis during pregnancy, the gastric muscle tension is low, especially the sphincter of the gastric cardia is relaxed, causing the stomach content to flow to the lower part of the esophagus.At this time, there are more pregnancy vomiting, or abdominal pain.

3. Acute gastritis and enteritis can also cause stomach pain.Pregnant mothers must consider whether they have something wrong, and distinguish.

Abnormal stomach pain:

Seeing red during pregnancy must be cautious

1. Stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy, and accompanied by abnormal vaginal bleeding, this condition will attract the attention of pregnant mothers.It may be a sign of miscarriage.

The abdominal pain is severe, the complexion is pale

2. In the early stages of pregnancy, the lower abdomen was painful, sometimes painful, cold sweat, pale, vaginal bleeding, dark brown color.These are the signs of ectopic pregnancy. Pregnant mothers must attract attention and seek medical treatment in time.

Take more rest and maintain a good mood

Solution: If there is a normal stomach pain, pregnant mothers don’t have to panic.You can usually take more rest, maintain adequate sleep, and maintain a good state of mind. After this adaptation period.If there is an abnormal stomach pain, the mother must pay attention to it and treat it in time.

I hope that the above can help pregnant mothers. If you have any consultation and sharing, you can communicate in the comment area.I hope everyone can easily spend pregnancy and give birth to a healthy and smart baby!

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