Is there a longer -term plan?Why is Mei insisted on helping the Ukraine bundle bomb, Russian media: I want to take the opportunity to deal with the expired arms

Source: Global Times

[Global Times special reporter Chenyang Global Times reporter Ma Jun] The US Biden government approved the decision to provide a bundle bomb to Ukraine on the 7th, rarely made the United States the target of international public opinion."Even the British, Canadian and other intimate allies have expressed their opposition. On the 9th, the Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) website said on the 9th that" the decision has kept American allies a distance from them. "So what causes the United States to rush to the world, and insist on providing a bundle bomb to Ukraine?

Oppose the group of allies

The bundle bomb is not a new type of weapon, and its prototype design can even go back to World War II.Its basic principle is to integrate dozens or even hundreds of small bombs into vehicles such as missiles, aviation bombs or large -caliber shells. The vehicle will automatically release these bombs when the vehicle is flying to the target, which will greatly increase the scope of strike, and even evenIt is enough to cover the size of the size of the standard football field, and has a very strong killing effect on the soft targets such as the lack of protection.However, due to the large number of small bombs carried by a bundle bomb, there is a very high probability of dumb bomb, and even some bundle bombs have deliberately set the small bomb to the irregularity to increase the difficulty of cleaning the opponent, which greatly increases the cluster bomb accidentally injured and scattered near the location.The possibility of civilians.

The US "Army Times" said on the 8th that using a bundle bomb in the urban environment will greatly increase the chance of civilian injuries.Relevant statistics show that 97%of the casualties caused by bomb bombs in 2021 are civilians, of which 2/3 are children.It is also worrying that civilians have been accidentally injured. In 2008, many countries signed the Convention on the Bid Bid.As of 2023, more than 100 countries have signed the convention, but Ukraine, Russia and the United States are not among them.It is reported that both Russia and Ukraine are using a bundle bomb, and Ukraine has also clearly requested the United States to provide the MK-20 cluster bomb during the Cold War.

Regarding the U.S. eventually providing a bundle bomb to Ukraine, the Russian Federal Council (Parliament’s upper court) National Defense and Security Committee President Victor Bonidalev said in a statement that the United States to provide conclusions to Ukraine as a "danger step", which will promote Russia to adopt Russia to adopt Russia to adoptResponses.The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaharava said on the 8th that the United States decided to provide a bundle of ammunition to Ukraine as "desperate", and she emphasized that this would not have any impact on Russia’s special military operations in Ukraine.

American allies also generally oppose the decision.Britain is one of the most positive countries in Ukraine’s military assistance. He has taken the lead in providing Ukraine with NATO standard tanks."No encouragement" uses and produces such weapons, emphasizing that Britain will do its "responsibility".Canada also stated in a statement that the country "does not support the use of cluster ammunition" and "is committed to ending the impact of cluster bombs on civilians, especially children."In addition, Germany, New Zealand, Austria and other countries have also opposed it.

Use less ammunition to attack more Russian goals

So what is the reason for the United States to provide a bundle bomb to Ukraine?The United States "Defense News" said on the 8th that US National Security Consultant Jack Shalin argued that the United States realized that the bundle bomb may hurt civilians, but "because Ukraine does not have enough artillery, if the Russian army and tanks cross the Ukrainian position, occupy moreUkrainian territory and conquer more Ukrainian civilians, and there are huge risks that cause civilian damage. This is something we cannot accept. "U.S. President Biden said in an interview with the United States CNN (CNN) and said," This is a difficult decision"But Ukraine’s ammunition is almost exhausted, and these weapons are urgently needed.The US media revealed that the M864 bomb planned to provide Ukraine is a 155mm artillery shell, which can be launched by a variety of NATO 155mm artillery obtained by Ukraine."Because the Pentagon was transferred from the US military inventory, a large number of 155mm artillery shells were sent to Ukraine, which caused the United States to worry about its large -caliber shell inventory. The M864 bombs provided to Ukraine were the same as the conventional 155 mm shells.Ability and enable it to use less ammunition to strike more Russian goals. "

The U.S. "power" website said on the 8th that the Deputy Minister of Defense of the United States Corin Carl explained that there were two main reasons for the United States to provide a bundle bomb to Ukraine.The first is that the United States has a large number of such ammunition. Although he refused to disclose the specific number of M864 bombs to Ukraine, he showed that "hundreds of thousands of clustering ammunition in the United States can be used for Ukraine", and a bundle bomb will be provided.Relieve the pressure of the current American ammunition inventory.However, Carl emphasized that providing a bundle bomb to Ukraine is not a "permanent solution", but the transitional measures for the United States and its allies to work hard to increase the large -caliber shells.

Another main reason proposed by Karl was that because the Russian army built a large number of defensive industries such as trenches at the forefront, a large number of bundle bombs from the sky was quite effective for destroying such defensive labor that lacks top protection.

French International Broadcasting Station said on the 9th that the M864 bundle bomb was served in 1987. The Pentae Building 20 years ago released its dumb ratio of 6%, and the subsequent improved dumb bomb rate was 2.35%.Pentagon spokesman Lede said that the United States will provide the new model with the lowest dumb rate rate to Ukraine, and the latest test dumb bomb rate is less than 1.2%."In contrast, the muddy bomb dumbness rate used by the Russian army may be as high as 40%."US officials said that the conclusions provided by the United States to Ukraine "the unwintering bombs that hurt civilians will decrease."However, some opponents believe that the so -called low -dumb bomb rate of the U.S. military is the result of testing under ideal and unrealistic conditions, and does not take into account the situation of the real world."According to the U.S. Army Artillery Manual, the rate of dumb bombs will also increase due to the different angles and terrain of the ammunition."

Maybe there are longer plans

There are also speculation that the U.S. military insists on providing a bundle bomb to Ukraine, and there may be longer plans.Due to the limited number of sub -bombs that can be carried by 155mm artillery shells, it is difficult to fully use the power of bundle bombs, so the current US military inventory cluster bomb is mainly based on the CBU series of airborne bundle bombs.In addition to killing people, there are many special models in the U.S. bundle bomb.For example, during the NATO air strike in the South League in 1999, the U.S. military used the F-117 fighter to put the CBU-94 bomb to release a large number of graphite fibers seriously damaging the power facilities of the South Alliance.Another CBU-105 cluster bomb is used for anti-armor operations.It weighs about half tons and can release 10 BLU-108 ammunition in the air. Each ammunition is equipped with 4 independent mission-sensitive bombs. They can automatically detect and identify the heat source of vehicles and tank engines such as missiles, and they canSpecialized to attack the weak part of the tank or the top of the armored vehicle.John Parker, head of the US "Global Security" website, described, "Using the CBU-105 cluster bomb, as long as a B-52 bomber can destroy the entire armored division, and in the past, dozens of fighter planes needed to cast thousands of heavy heavy heavy weights.The same effect can be achieved. "

The "Power" website revealed that although the United States has approved the F-16 fighter aircraft to Ukraine, it has not been announced for what weapons are the US-style combat opportunities equipped with multi-purpose.It is reported that photos circulated on social media in late June show that some MiG-29 fighters of the Ukraine Air Force have been modified and can carry the US "extended process combined with JDAM-EE).This accurate guidance bomb is equipped with a folding bomb -wing, which can hit the target of 72 kilometers away. Obviously, the Ukraine has been preparing for the execution of air -to -ground tasks.Considering that the requirements of JDAM-ER and airborne bundle bombs are not much different from the fighter platform, the United States approves the provision of M864 artillery bundle bombs to Ukraine, which may provide more and more powerful airborne bundle bombs for subsequent layout, so asGive full play to the traditional ideas of the U.S. military "air -controlled land" to restrain the ground advantages of the Russian army.

Russia’s "Viewpoint" said on the 8th that the bundle bomb provided by the United States to Ukraine was not a "magical weapon to defeat Russia", but wanted to "take the opportunity to deal with expired arms".Alexander Baltosh, academician of the Correspondence of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences, believes that "we should destroy the weapons of such ammunition to launch such ammunition through various means, and fundamentally prevent the use of cluster bombs."

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