Is there a hypoxia for fetal treasure? The physical response will imply one or two. Don’t ignore the pregnant mother.

Before the official came to this world, the fetal treasure has always lived in the uterus, although they will absorb nutrients here, grow slowly, and eat and drink Lazar.

Although the function of the uterus is complete, it is not large enough. The umbilical cord connected to the mother may be pinched or stuck in a certain place by themselves, and then causes the lack of oxygen and nutrition.

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The hypoxia of fetal treasure can be said to be easy to happen, but the degree of different degrees, the pregnant mother does not feel much.

▼ Limited growth

When the baby is hypoxic, he will also want to work hard, so the physical activity begins to decrease, and the development of the body will slow down. As a result, the child is not born, or the body development is backward.

▼ Breakthrough lung damage

The hypoxic fetal treasure will relax in the anus, increase defecation, make the amniotic fluid turbid, and unconsciously inhale more amniotic fluid, so the turbid amniotic fluid enters the lungs, which may cause pollution and then cause damage.

▼ Brain damage

The baby’s hypoxia has not been alleviated. In order to survive, the oxygen divided by the brain will be lower than other parts, and then the development will be damaged. As a result, it will slowly become stupid.

Therefore, in order to be very serious in the absence of fetal treasure hypoxia, it is best for pregnant mothers to pay more attention to the changes in the body. Sometimes the small problems they feel may be the help signal sent by the child.

1) The fetal movement is different

Under normal circumstances, the pregnant mother can feel the fetal movement at four or five months of pregnancy. If you can’t feel it slowly, it may be that the fetus has been hypoxia and the development of development will be slow.

And the normal fetal movement is 4 to 5 times per hour, 30 to 40 times every 12 hours, and 28 ~ 38 weeks of pregnancy is a relatively active period.

If the fetal movement slows down to 20 times every 12 hours, the lack of oxygen may make the fetal treasure have to reduce their own activities; if the fetal movement suddenly becomes severe and frequent, it may be that the oxygen is gone, they are asking for help.

2) The stomach has never become larger

The size of the pregnant mother’s belly is closely related to the development of the fetus. When the fetus develops normally, of course, the stomach of the expectant mother is also normal.

Generally speaking, at 4 ~ May of pregnancy, the abdomen of the pregnant mother is 76 ~ 89 cm; 6 months of pregnancy, 80 ~ 91 cm in the abdomen; 7-9 months of pregnancy, 87 ~ 99 cm in the abdomen.

If the abdominal circumference is relatively small, it may be that the fetus is too slow, or the amniotic fluid is too small, but the amount of amniotic fluid in pregnant women is too small, which can easily lead to hypoxia for fetal treasures.

3) Forty fetal heart

Under normal circumstances, the fetal heart rate is more than 120 times and less than 160 times. If it is slow or urgent, the situation is similar to the fetal movement when the baby is hypoxic.

Pregnant mothers themselves can’t feel the fetal heart, and they can only be found during the checkup. The emergency pregnant mother can buy the instrument to measure themselves.

Although the physical problems of pregnant mothers and fetuses cannot be solved by individual words, they can prevent hypoxia for normal pregnant women and fetus, paying more attention to life.

★ Walk more

Pregnant mothers sit too long, which can easily compress the uterus, affect the blood circulation of the placenta and umbilical cord, and then cause the fetus to hypoxia. If you move properly, you can increase the blood circulation and have certain benefits to the fetus in the future.

★ Stay away from second -hand smoke

Second -hand smoke will lead to a decrease in oxygen provided by the pregnant mother to the fetus. In addition, it will bring other serious harm. Therefore, when you are pregnant, you must not go to the place where someone smokes.

★ Avoid excessive weight growth

Studies have shown that when pregnant mothers are fat, the oxygen obtained by the fetus will also be reduced.

Therefore, it is best not to eat too greasy and high calories during pregnancy.

★ Sleep on the left

During the third trimester, the uterus becomes larger to varying degrees to the right. At this time, sleeping right or lying flat and sleeping, it is easy to compress the uterus or blood vessels, leading to hypoxia and the fetus.Essence

★ Regular inspection

Regular production examinations can help pregnant mothers and doctors to find the health problems of the fetus in time, and they can also take measures as soon as possible.

★ Follow fetal movement

Pregnant mothers are best to measure the fetal movement once every morning, middle, middle and evening, and then add the number of three times to 4 to get a 12 -hour fetal movement. If the number of fetal movements suddenly decreases sharply, you can go to the hospital to check if the fetal treasure appears in time.what is the problem.

The body of the pregnant mother is closely related to the health of the fetus, and usually needs more attention and care.

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