Is there a heart that wants to die?What are your symptoms of pregnancy?How is it alleviated?

I was difficult to know from the day when I was pregnant to the months when my child was in the basin, because I knew that I had been vomiting after I was pregnant for more than forty days, and spit it on the day before my birth.Every day, the whole person is not spiritual and dare not run around. He has to bring a bag to go out and prepare to vomit at any time.

When you smell folic acid, you vomit. Sometimes you go to the toilet to spit when you eat good meals.That taste is still remembered. Generally, it is ended in three or four months of pregnancy. It is very low like the chance of vomiting, but I encountered it.Listening to others say that twins are twice the pregnancy reaction, I look at it three or four times that can have others.Although there is no pubic pain in the later period, those with heavy stomachs and swollen legs can’t walk.It wasn’t until the moment the child was born that the whole person was relaxed. Finally, there was no kind of dizziness and spitting up all day long.

I vomit my heart that I want to die

Actually, there is a good symptom of pregnancy. Canadian research data show that pregnancy is a health phenomenon. It represents the risk of abortion, premature birth, and newborns defects, and the chance of heart problems in infants will be less.Especially for elderly women with more than 35, it is more protected.

Women’s pregnancy is really hard. Early pregnancy reactions are relatively easy to compare in the mid -term, but it is more difficult to get in the third trimester. As the belly becomes larger, the belly does not sleep well every night, back pain, pubic pain, pubic pain, no pubic pain, pubic pain.The edema is here …

So do you think the most difficult for pregnancy is the first few months? Look at the true feelings of these netizens and mothers.

A Baoma: Tominching for 4 months, blood spit it out, and can be tasted with soy sauce and MSG.Can’t drink boiled water boiled water, eat fruits and always want to eat anti -season …

B Mom: No matter drinking water or eating, as long as there is anything in the stomach, he spit out all.As a result, malnutrition can only go to the hospital to get a nutrition needle.

I vomit great, I can’t eat anything, I can only take a nutrition needle

C Bao Ma: I could only sit and sleep in the last month. I lay down to breathe and felt that I was holding my neck.I can’t sleep every day, which seriously affects the quality of sleep.

Dabao Mom: It’s difficult every day. His physical discomfort is a trivial matter. Psychological stress is always worried that the fetus is unhealthy.Sometimes I think that it is male or female, and I think there are not.

E Mom: I vomit in the first four months. I still have pubic pain for two months in the second trimester. I have frequent urination, my legs, and turning hard in the third trimester.could not sleep well!Now I finally saw the little princess!It’s not easy

Can’t walk with swollen legs

F Bao Ma: The nerves in the whole pregnancy feel the nerves in the facial features, itchy cough, itchy nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, and itching of the ears.

Seeing the answers of your mother, there were many treasures who were as suffering as me during pregnancy.Since there is no way to stop these symptoms, we can relieve these symptoms.

How to ease these symptoms during pregnancy?

Pregnant women in early pregnancy will have pregnancy vomiting, mainly starting in 6 weeks, and gradually alleviate after 12 weeks. A small number of pregnant women will vomit the entire pregnancy.

Pregnant women are pregnant, and their diet should be as light as possible to avoid greasy food.Generally, most of them occur in the morning and evening. If you vomit more in the morning, you can prepare bread and fruits, and you can also put lemon next to it to reduce the symptoms of nausea and vomiting.Tomiting is severe at night, you can eat a jujube or a sour plum, which can relieve the pregnancy reaction.If pregnant women are severe, they can also drink a cup of warm milk or drink some honey water. These methods have the effect of reducing pregnancy.

Diet is light, avoid greasy

Pregnant women in the middle of pregnancy often have: increased blood pressure, the laws of life, avoid mental tension, and maintain a happy mood; the lower limbs edema. At this time, it is best not to walk around and rest on the bed.Sweating, pregnant women should change their underwear and take a bath, and replenish moisture in time; constipation, slow bowel movements, eat more fruits and vegetables, and move appropriately.

The third trimester is the pregnancy after 28 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the belly can grow gradually, the fetal movement is obvious, and there will be backache, leg cramps, you need to pay attention to rest, exercise properly, calcium supplementation if necessary, medication needs to be under the guidance of a doctor, under the guidance of a doctor, you need to be under the guidance of a doctor.Take it, remember not to take it yourself.

Exercise appropriately

So pregnancy is really hard, but Bao Ma sees such a cute baby, and it is worthwhile what kind of pain during pregnancy.After pregnancy, the pregnant woman will have some bad emotions due to hormone changes in the body.Family people should also understand and try to take care of the emotions of pregnant women.Make pregnant women have a good mood, not only beneficial to the fetus, but also for family harmony.

Do you think it is difficult for the first month of pregnancy?Welcome to discuss the comment area.

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