Is there a gynecological disease during pregnancy?You need to understand these dry goods

Hahaha, today I will start the class I encountered during pregnancy.EssenceI don’t know if you will find that the vaginal secretions are increased during pregnancy, and you always find that the underwear is a bit wet, and it feels not very comfortable.Occasionally, I can see such vaginal secretions on my own underwear before pregnancy, but now more than before.I will imagine all kinds of imagination and wondering if I have vaginitis and Barabala.EssenceEssence

Later, I checked Baidu and the doctor did not know that it was not like this:

In the early pregnancy, the cervical secretions will be blocked in the cervical canal, and a natural protection barrier -mucus bolt.

As you are close to the due date, your cervix begins to prepare for childbirth and start to become thinner or even expand. At this time, the mucus bolt will be discharged from the cervix. You will notice the secretion of sticky nose like egg white or cold.

Therefore, if it is just a simple leucorrhea, and the leucorrhea is colorless and transparent, there is no odor, itching, or other discomfort symptoms. Pregnant mothers do not need to worry about it. This is a normal manifestation during pregnancy.

abnormal situation

1) A large amount of thin and transparent liquid flowing from vagina: It is difficult for pregnant mothers to judge whether it is mucus or amniotic fluid?If you have any doubts about vaginal secretions, you should go to the hospital early.

2) The secretion is yellowish white and the viscosity similar to cheese: itching and vaginal redness of the perineal area appear. Considering white Candida infection, it is a common vaginal infection during pregnancy.Even after cure, the chance of recurrence is still high, especially pregnant mothers with poor resistance.

3) The secretion is water -like and there will be bubbles: the genitals are serious and itchy, and it is difficult to settle.Consider trichomonas, genital warts, etc.

4) The secretion is gray -green and has a fishy odor: it does not necessarily itch, but in severe cases, the pussy will appear red and swollen. Consider bacterial infections, usually anaerobic bacterial infections.Bacteria may enter the uterine cavity along the cervix, causing inflammation of the amniotic cavity, infection of the fetus, and infection that can easily induce uterine contraction and cause premature birth.

5) The secretion is gray -white and sticky: the perineum feel itchy, the vagina, the perineum, and even the cervix will have mastoid -like protrusions. Consider the condyloma acuminatum virus.Pregnant mothers with genital warts should not be produced naturally to prevent babies from being infected with virus vertically vertically during the birth canal.

6) Coffee brown blood shreds: Coffee brown blood shreds in the early stages of pregnancy are likely to be "bed bleeding". Generally speaking, this situation may occur from the 4-6 weeks of the last menstruation. It is normal.Worried that it usually returns to normal after a day or two.

But if the amount of blood wire continues to increase and pain in the lower abdomen, it may be a threatened abortion.Bloodshils and even brown bleeding in the middle and late pregnancy secretions represent prenatal bleeding. It may be caused by cervical dilatation, premature placenta or front placenta, and should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Can I use female washing fluid during pregnancy?

Asked the doctor, the washing agent of some female vulva was available during pregnancy.When the vulva secretion is a lot, when the consciousness is uncomfortable, the vulva is actually not problematic to rinse the vulva properly.However, it should be noted that if the use of female washing agents during pregnancy is not recommended to rinse the vagina.

However, it is recommended that you can consult your doctor’s advice first when using a laundering.

How to care for the increase in secretions during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers need to change their underwear, and change the secretions a few more times to avoid breeding bacteria.After the underwear is cleaned, place it in the sun.

At the same time as the secretion is increased, pregnant mothers should pay more attention. If you find the color, texture and odor of the secretion.If abnormal changes occur, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time, because these are often signs of gynecological diseases. The earlier the treatment, the smaller the impact.

Generally speaking, the secretions during pregnancy should be transparent and occasionally yellow.So how long must you pay attention when there are other cases.If you are less than 37 weeks, you find that the vaginal discharge increases or the properties of the vaginal discharge changes. If it becomes thin, like mucus, or vaginal discharge is bloodyBrown, please go to the hospital immediately to find a doctor.This may be a sign of premature birth.

If the vaginal secretion produces a bad smell, foam -shaped, yellow, green or gray, you may have different types of vaginal infections or sexually transmitted infections. Even if you have no symptoms such as allergies, itching or burning, you must go to the hospital.Medical.

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