Is the vomiting during pregnancy? Is it related to the intelligence after the baby is born?You can understand after watching it

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Girlfriends are pregnant, pregnancy vomiting is particularly serious, she can’t eat anything, others are pregnant and have long meat, but she looks thinner.

One night, the girlfriend suddenly woke up, and felt particularly hungry and hungry. Hurry up and wake up her husband: husband!husband!Our children finally have appetite to eat!

Her husband woke up confused and asked her what she wanted to eat, and she didn’t sell anything in the middle of the night.

Fortunately, my girlfriend did not pick at that time, and said: I want to eat egg fried rice!

Her husband: You don’t like eggs and rice before you are pregnant!Do you watch me sleep well and lie to me!

The girlfriend’s mood and appetite were very good at that time, and did not compare with her husband, but just kicked her husband and asked him to cook quickly.

As a result, when her husband made the meal, he brought up, and the girlfriend suddenly smelled the taste and suddenly lost his appetite, and even wanted to vomit …

Her husband is very aggrieved: I know you lie to me, sleepy me …

My girlfriend told me: I was wronged. He ate egg fried rice in front of me, and he also ate particularly fragrant!The key is that the more he eats, the more I want to vomit!

The girlfriend was very torment. Later, her mother -in -law told her: It’s okay, pregnancy, the more ruthless vomiting, the smarter the child.

The girlfriend felt that it didn’t seem to be so unbearable to pregnancy, and I was looking forward to the child’s birth.

I do n’t know if my girlfriend ’s mother -in -law is to comfort my girlfriend, and I dare not tell the truth to my girlfriend: When I was pregnant, the doctor told me that pregnancy spitting has nothing to do with the children’ s cleverness!

Pregnant mothers are related to their physical fitness. Some pregnant mothers never feel that there are problems in eating after pregnancy, but some pregnant mothers have to vomit from the beginning to the birth of their children …

So how can pregnant mothers slow the pregnancy vomiting reaction?

1. Keep a good mentality

It is important to maintain a good attitude!Some pregnant mothers will worry about the nutritional problems of the baby when they are pregnant. Do not worry about the pregnant mother, and the baby’s nutrition can keep up!

If you hear the "more ruthless vomiting, the smarter the child" will be more comfortable, then believe it is true.

Family people should not encourage them randomly and make pregnant mothers strong.Pregnancy is really uncomfortable. The pregnant mother wants to vent, so let her vent.

2. Eat vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 can effectively alleviate pregnancy, but pregnant mothers should listen to doctors’ suggestions when eating.Because vitamin B6 is too much, fetal baby will suffer from vitamin B6 dependence.

3. Press the Neiguan acupoint

Pressing the inside of the passing point or ginger slices in the Nei Guan acupoints is very useful for some pregnant mothers!

The inner acupoint is located in the center of the horizontal line of the palm of the palm, and the central depression of the three -finger wide is about.Pregnant mothers are severely sick and can try.

4. Eat less meals and prepare some snacks

Eating less meals can relieve pregnancy. When the pregnant mother feels a little hungry, you can also eat some delicious snacks. Instead of something in the stomach, you can relieve pregnancy.

I have said it, and now I want to talk about the baby’s clever problem.Those parents’ behaviors will make their baby smarter?

1. Preparation

When deciding to want the baby, both the couple must enter the pregnancy preparation stage.Quit smoking, quit drinking, stay up late, exercise more, pay attention to sleep, and ensure healthy sperm and eggs.

This is more likely to have a smart and healthy baby!

2. Pregnant mothers keep their mood happy

The mood of the pregnant mother is closely related to the baby, and the baby can feel the mood of the pregnant mother.If the pregnant mother is often depressed and irritable, it may also cause the baby’s personality to be depression and irritability.

3. The food of pregnant mothers should be balanced in nutrition

Although pregnancy is difficult to eat, because of this, we must work hard on diet.

Eating more healthy and well -absorbing foods, it is very good for Baoma’s body and baby baby.

4. Talk to baby during pregnancy

When pregnant mothers or prospective dads talk to baby, baby is perceived.When the baby is born, it will also feel familiar with the voice of pregnant mothers and prospective dads and feel safer.

Of course, after the baby is born, the prospective father and expectant mother are also promoted to Bao Bao’s mother. At this time, the test really started!

Whether humans are clever relying on inheritance, but also the brain structure.After the baby is born, the brain will develop rapidly, and the brain cells are busy connecting. These connections will make the baby play an important role in all aspects of thinking, understanding ability, etc., and will make the baby’s brain efficient and smart!

The baby becomes smart and has all the reasons for all parties. Blessing every pair of parents will have a healthy, smart, and optimistic baby!

During pregnancy, many Baoma’s heart is anxious, fearing that she will affect the fetus without paying attention.

And the best way to solve this kind of tension is to learn, mastering more correct pregnancy knowledge, to ensure the health of the fetus to the greatest extent, and the expectant mothers can be more practical. Maybe follow the doctor and experts to learn some pregnancy knowledge. Bao XiulanThe doctor is a new pediatrician of many Baoma. After studying with her, it will be healthy in October, and the baby will be healthier in the future!

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