Is the temperature of the newborns low normal?Novice Baoma focuses on five major reasons to help the baby regulate

Everyone’s body temperature has a normal value, that is, the body temperature must be controlled within a reasonable range before it is normal.If the body temperature is too high or the body temperature is too low, it is very unfavorable to the health of the body.However, there are still many people who are curious. Is the low body temperature of newborns really normal?

Is the temperature of the newborns low normal?Novice Baoma pays attention to the five major reasons

In fact, the child also appeared for this reason. We should first think that this was caused by the immature development of the body temperature regulation center.Some children’s environmental temperature is relatively low. Once the temperature is reduced, the child’s body temperature will gradually decrease.

Furthermore, some children’s intake is relatively small, and they cannot adjust the heat production by themselves, so that it is easy to cause low temperature conditions.

If you want to avoid such problems, it is not a difficult thing. First of all, we should create a warm environment for children and ingest high -calorie foods, such as milk, so that they can ensure that their bodies are gradually gradually getting gradualRefers, and can also return to a normal level.

In addition, there is something that we need to understand clearly, that is, the reason why the child has low temperature is caused by the cold affected by the cold.Generally speaking, the body surface area of newborns is relatively large, so it will cause heat dissipation to be greater than heat production.Especially in the environment of spring or winter, the temperature of these two seasons is relatively low.

If the child does not do well at all, it is easy to have low temperature problems.So from this perspective, we can understand that we must give children a good warmth, especially in winter or in spring, we must put on thick clothes. In this wayBody temperature, returning to normal data without any problems.

Of course, even if such a situation occurs, we don’t need to feel very worried because of this, because this is completely normal, and the child’s body temperature can one day back to normal levels.

Children’s body temperature is relatively low, and it is also very related to insufficient food intake. Generally speaking, children who are new to birth are relatively small.It will be burned in about 18 hours.

If the produced heat is relatively small, it can easily lead to low temperature problems.So for this problem, our best way is to let children eat more milk, so that they can ensure that they consume more calories.When the child has become full, the calories on their bodies can be improved accordingly, so that their body temperature will increase.

After big data, you can observe one thing, that is, children with too low weight and too low weight will also have symptoms of too low body temperature.Generally speaking, these two children have less energy reserved, and they have less calories they consume, so their body temperature regulation ability will be poor.The smaller the fetus, the lower the weight of the birth, the greater the risk of low temperature.

So if you want to solve this good matter, then don’t give birth to premature babies. At the same time, as much nutrition as possible during pregnancy, and ensure that the child’s weight should not be too low when you are born. This can solve this problem well.Essence

Of course, when the child is born, the temperature is relatively low, and it is likely to be caused by the impact of certain diseases.According to clinical proofs, if a newborn suffers from sepsis or pneumonia, and even infectious diseases such as purulent meningitis, this will cause their eating volume to gradually decrease, and calories will become insufficient.

There are also problems such as shock, acid poisoning and microcirculation disorders, which will also lead to reduced heat in the body.If the environmental temperature is relatively low at this time, and the warmth is not enough, it is easy to make the child’s body temperature very low.

And some newborns also have hypoxia or nervous system dysfunction, which will cause brown fat to be unused, so the body temperature will not rise.Therefore, once such problems occur, we must solve these diseases in a better way. When these diseases can be resolved, the child’s body temperature will return to the previous level.

In fact, there are many types of children’s body temperature lower than the reason, and the cause of low body temperature is also more complicated. Among them, physiological factors also include pathological factors.If the child temperature continues to be relatively low, then we should go to a regular hospital for some corresponding examinations. Only in this way can we ensure that the child’s body does not have any problems.

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