Is the progesterone examination 19.5, is it very low?

Mogoone examination 19.5 is normal at 5-6 weeks of pregnancy

Mother Bao needs to look at the cycle of her pregnancy. If the pregnancy cycle is higher than 7 weeks, it is not normal. It can be said that it is very low.

The first case will be lower than 20 from five to six weeks of pregnancy.

Mother Bao’s pregnancy cycle will be less than 20 at the six weeks, so the 19.5 mother of Bao is a normal range. Don’t worry too much, just keep normal pregnancy!Essence

The second case is 19.5 at the seven weeks of pregnancy

If the pregnancy cycle is more than seven weeks, it can be said to be very low if the progesterone appears 19.5, which may be a sign of a threatened abortion. Generally speaking, the decrease in progesterone is directly affected by the three major in the secretion of progesterone.The hormones are progesterone, estrogen, and HCG. Decreased progesterone can directly cause the fetus to stagnate or stop the tire.It can be improved. It is recommended to protect the tire under the detailed examination of the doctor. At present, only data is provided. Didn’t you see other situations? There is no way to provide specific suggestions.

The third case may be ectopic pregnancy

Hormone will also reduce hormones in ectopic pregnancy. Generally, the embryo development of ectopic pregnancy is performed in the tubal of the Baoming tube.Correction is under the suggestion, and abortion surgery is required if it cannot be corrected, because the embryo will break the mother’s reproductive organs with the following embryo that the embryo will not obtain the required nutrition and protection, which will also cause abortion and even threaten the fetus and the fetus andBao Ma’s life is safe.

Generally speaking, 19.5 progesterone is judged by the pregnancy cycle and the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. Mother Baosu should have a problem with tire protection. As long as it is not vaginal bleeding or brown secretions, the fetus is still very healthyIn this case, Mother Bao should not worry too much. If bleeding occurs, you need to go to the hospital in time to take effective nursing measures.

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