Is the postpartum back pain, do you not sit for confinement?Not necessarily, it may be because the chest is too heavy

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Speaking of postpartum back pain, I believe that most people will not be associated with confinement, but in fact, except that the confinement is not sitting well, the chest weight is also the cause of back pain.Today we will talk about the impact of breast changes in the dyspepted during pregnancy.

After a woman is pregnant, the chest will develop secondary time

Those who know the knowledge of pregnancy should know that after the pregnancy changes after pregnancy, the chest will enter the second development state and become larger.It is also a pain for pregnant mothers with a relatively large breast itself.

Although women’s breasts are only because of hormones and the temporary increasedness after pregnancy, the shortest time will continue until the end of breastfeeding. Some women have a short breastfeeding period. The baby starts to be weaned and restricted breastfeeding after 6 months after delivery.For long lactation, it can reach 1.5 to 2 years. What is the concept?This means that during this period, Baoma needs to bear the weight brought by the chest every day and every moment, and it can only be recovered until the end of the breastfeeding.

How much is the breasts of lactating mothers?

Judging from the moderate and medium size of women’s breasts, the unilateral weight is about 200g, and the breasts develop again after pregnancy, and the weight will reach 500g or even heavier.Just a general standard, Baoma needs to bear so much weight every day. By the time of breastfeeding, the weight that needs to be bearn is even greater.

Studies have shown that the larger the chest, the more likely the back pain on the back

The researchers launched a survey on the "relationship between the size of the chest and the back pain". Through data comparison, the researchers found that women with large chests were mostly troubled by back pain.

This actually shows that the weight of the chest will have a certain impact on the health of the back, and the lactating Baoma is exactly in line with this characteristic.The lactation period lasts for a long time, and the burden that the spine needs to bear will not be improved for a long time, and back pain will naturally come to the door.

In order to better protect the back and reduce pain, what should Baoma do after giving birth?

1. Maintain the correct posture in life

In fact, many women have poor posture, especially after having children, holding the baby’s posture and incorrect posture will affect the health of the waist.It is recommended that when Baoma sitting or standing, she straight her waist to avoid incorrect bending her waist and hips.The movements such as the stomach and humpback will increase the pressure on the back.Maintaining the correct postpartum postpartum can reduce the burden on the waist and back, while maintaining the spine and reducing the possibility of pain.

2. Prepare the right underwear

Women’s chest does not have good support, and it will also affect her posture. It is recommended that Baoma choose a professional breastfeeding chest. Such bras are not only loose and comfortable, but also have good support.Bao Ma is suitable for wearing, and the power that needs to be afforded on the back will be evenly dispersed, the pressure becomes smaller, and natural pain will be reduced.

It can be seen that postpartum back pain is not only caused by hormone changes and fatigue. The secondary development of the chest should not be underestimated.Seeing this, have you started to feel bad about those big breasts?Pregnancy is a special stage for women. To deal with it in the right way, we can better maintain health.

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