Is the menstruation of women detoxifying?What should I pay attention to when we come to menstruation?

There is always a wrong idea in the hearts of many women, that is, menstrual hemorrhage is to discharge the body’s toxins out of the body. As soon as you find that you have a small amount of blood, you think that the toxins are not excreted from the body, and you will try to discharge various toxins, but in factMenstruation and detoxification of women are not closely related to detoxification, and menstrual bleeding is not body detoxification.

Why is women’s menstruation not detoxification?

Generally speaking, human detoxification is mainly through the various enzymes of the liver and discharge toxins through the kidneys. Menstruation is a periodic bleeding unique to women. Because the ovaries will experience follicle development, oxygenal formation, and atrophy every month.Atrophism is under the action of hormones, and the endometrium will occur cyclically, and menstruation will form.

Mixed blood in menstrual blood and the cervical tissue and mucus that have fallen off, and there is no toxins in the body. Therefore, menstrual bleeding has nothing to do with detoxification. Do not blindly detoxify. In some ways, it will hurt the uterus.Use will hurt the body.

What should women pay attention to when menstruation?

1. Do not eat raw cold food

Various cold foods will cause uterine spasm to add dysmenorrhea, and it will also allow the uterus to be cold and discharge menstrual blood. Be careful to take warmth measures. Do not take cold baths. Cold will hurt the uterus and affect the discharge of menstrual blood.

2. Do a good job of hygiene

During the menstrual period, because menstrual blood will make the local moist, it is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of hygiene and cleaning. Use warm water to clean the local area and keep them dry every day, and choose comfortable and breathable underwear to avoid breeding bacteria and cause bacteria to cause inflammation.Be careful not to use the washing solution casually. The solution will destroy the private parts resistance and cause related diseases.

3. Don’t stay up late

The menstrual resistance is weak, and often staying up late can make the body fail to repair. When the virus invasion is invasion, it is easy to be infected and causes diseases, such as upper respiratory tract infections and various inflammatory infections.Go to bed early and keep up with enough sleep time to repair the body and enhance resistance.

4. Do not swim

The menstrual private parts bleed, and swimming can easily cause the invasion of the germs to cause inflammation. You can choose a soothing exercise method, such as walking, yoga, etc. Pay attention to avoid excessive exercise too strong and prevent body damage.

5. Supplement nutrition

The menstrual resistance is weak. You can eat more protein vitamin foods, supplement nutrition, such as eggs, milk, soy milk, all kinds of lean meat and other foods. Be careful not to eat spicy stimulus and greasy food to avoid affecting menstruation.

Kind tips:

Various precautions during menstruation can avoid physical injury. In addition to the above points, you must pay attention to not intimate behavior, otherwise it is easy to allow various germs to enter local diseases.Endometriosis affects conception.

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