Is the long hair of the pregnant mother’s belly and the gender of the fetus?

Is the long hair of the pregnant mother’s belly and the gender of the fetus?

Why do pregnant women grow hair on the belly?

1. Hormone increased, long hair is normal

In fact, judging that there is no scientific basis based on whether there are long hairs on the belly.If the expectant mother’s belly has some hair during pregnancy, it is because the level of estrogen hormone in the body has changed significantly, which will cause the body’s hair to increase and become dense.

2. Not every pregnant woman’s belly has long hair

Most expectant mothers have obvious hair changes on the belly, especially the thickness around the navel; some expectant mothers will grow around the nipples, and some expectant mothers will even grow their chest hair; others will grow their chest hair;The expectant mothers will grow on their backs.Moreover, not every pregnant woman’s belly has a hair.

3. These hair will gradually fade after giving birth

Seeing this, many expectant mothers should worry about it, and after giving birth, I became "Mao Mao Mom"?In fact, after giving birth to a baby, the estrogen hormone in women will slowly return to normal. The fluff that grows during pregnancy will fade away and restore it to the beautiful appearance before pregnancy.

Belly long hair has nothing to do with boys and girls

After reading the above analysis, I believe that expectant mothers have understood that the pregnant woman’s belly or other parts of the body has long hairs, but the normal reaction of estrogen hormone drama has nothing to do with the female lady and lady!At the moment of the combination of fertilized eggs, boys and girls have been decided. Boys and girls are just as cute and intimate. Specific mothers should not guess the gender of the fetus during pregnancy.The time for delivery is the most critical.

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