Is the hyperplasia of the breast?Will it develop into breast cancer?

Looking at the hot search yesterday, several of them are related to women’s health. "Nine -price HPV", "dysmenorrhea", "breast cancer", etc. When you see everyone’s attention to women’s health, I am really surprised. Xiaobian also wants to think aboutTaking this opportunity to talk to you about "breast cancer" related knowledge.

The hot search "women’s bad emotions are printed on breasts", the comment area is very exciting, and many women have deeply realized.Is the breast hyperplasia angry?Will it develop into breast cancer?Let’s take a look together.

What is breast hyperplasia?

"I tolerate a breast hyperplasia for a while, take a step back, the breast nodule"

is that true?

The best gift for women is undoubtedly a healthy body.

Breast cancer is one of the common tumors in female malignant tumors. The incidence has increased year by year. In 2020, cancer statistics found that the incidence of global breast cancer has ranked first, but its mortality rate has declined.

Speaking of breast cancer, it is far away in the eyes of many people. It belongs to the kind of thing that "I know it is serious but should not happen to me" (I also hope that it will never happen to myself).However, the "breast hyperplasia" in the medical examination report and the casual sentence "You are a little nodule" during the examination of doctors should be familiar and a little nervous.

So what exactly is breast hyperplasia?

Breast hyperplasia is mainly manifested in the pain of breasts and nodules in the breast. Few patients will have some breasts of breasts. The most common is some simple leaflet hyperplasia. Labor hyperplasia is due to the changes in hormones, which leads to it that it willSwelling and congestion occur, so 70%of patients with breast hyperplasia are obvious. 70%of patients with hyperplasia are leaflet hyperplasia.

We just need to know its characteristics!

NO.1 pain and lumps affected by menstruation

Breast proliferation characteristics

Those who have breast hyperplasia often feel that breast tenderness before menstruation is obvious, and it is reduced after menstruation.

This feeling is completely correct ~

NO.2 is mainly related to endocrine disorders

Breast proliferation characteristics

The "expression" of breast hyperplasia is related to the menstrual cycle, and it is also because of the close relationship between hyperplasia and sex hormones and endocrine.

It can be said that any factors affecting estrogen hormone levels may increase the risk of breast hyperplasia.For example, age, menstrual history, history of breeding, breastfeeding history, history of taking contraceptives and diet, society, psychology and other factors …

So "tolerated breast hyperplasia" … this kind of emotional cause makes sense.

Usually women aged 30-50 are more likely to have hyperplasia. This may also be related to women of this age. At the same time, women who need to take into account their family career and experience menopausal.

NO.3 Low evil change tendency

Breast proliferation characteristics

When only a few catheter epithelium changes in different types, there will be a small number of people who may change the possibility of evil.

The above is the most common manifestation of breast hyperplasia.

In addition, let’s talk about the "step back of the breast nodule".Breast nodules are more common. Generally, a medical examination report is used to find a doctor. A word that doctors often say are "Ah, a little nodule, nothing happens. Pay attention to observation and wait for the next medical examination."

Therefore, the same, don’t worry too much. Most nodules are benign, and the chances of evil change are also small.As for whether emotional factors such as anger and depression are inducement, it is not sure.(It may have something to do, it feels like that as long as it is not dealt with, the breasts will have a nodule for you).

Whether nodules have bad changes require comprehensive evaluation, such as whether it is too large, irregular on the edges, tenderness, poor activity, and too fast in a short time.The final diagnosis depends on the gold standard of pathological diagnosis.

The nodule dredging massage carried out by the beauty salon, and the small pills recommended to buy are also thousands of!Ten thousand!Don’t!letter!——Lieving squeezing and drug hormone stimulation may cause benign deterioration … If there is nodules, what you need to do in your daily life is observation.

These breast diseases should be followed!

In addition to breast hyperplasia, the second common benign disease is the fibroma of the breast.

Generally, most high incidence of young women, between 20 and 25 years old, is mainly induced by relatively or absolutely elevated hormone levels in the body. Then this type of disease cannot be changed through drugs.

If fibroma grows larger or more, it can be removed by surgery. In some special cases, there will be a possibility of cancer in the past for a long time. It is recommended that removal with changes is the best choice.

Another common is the nipple -like tumor in the catheter.The clinical manifestation is the dilatation syndrome of papilloma and breast ducts in the breast duct. The premium and duct expansion syndrome in the catheter can be the main symptoms of papillary overflow.About a third of patients can touch the lumps, generally benign, and only few cases of cases have changed.In this case, if there is a nipple overflow, especially if there is hemorrhage, it is recommended to see the doctor in time to treat the possibility of evil change in time.

How to prevent breast cancer?

What are the preventive methods of breast cancer?

NO.1 check

Breast cancer prevention

(1) At the age of 20, starting the breast self -examination;

(2) If you have already touched the lump, it may already be a late stage, and it may not be able to perform milk -keeping surgery during surgery, which will affect the quality of life;

(3) For women with family history, it is recommended to conduct a molybdenum target inspection once a year after the age of 40;

(4) There is no family history. It is recommended to have a breast examination once a year at the age of 45. If the B -ultrasound finds doubts, you can further perform molybdenum target inspections and nuclear magnetic resonance examinations of the breast.

NO.2 Life

Breast cancer prevention

Mainly do the following points:

(1) Quit smoking and drinking, do not eat spicy frying for a long time;

(2) Diet should be light and easy to digest, avoid eating foods with high fat content, and control weight;

(3) Try to avoid excessive ionizing radiation in the breast;

(4) Try to avoid eating hormone -rich foods and oral contraceptives, etc.;

(5) Breastfeeding problem ~ It is recommended to breastfeed;

(6) Relax, maintain a good attitude, and develop good habits of exercise.

In the end, I have to say one, mainly breast diseases that mainly occur in breastfeeding mothers -acute mastitis.

Compared with the above -mentioned breast abnormalities, the characteristics of acute mastitis are urgent onset.Discover breast pain, local redness, local redness, heat and hot hair, be sure to seek medical treatment at a time!Because it is easy to quickly develop into high -heat and cold war, breast abscess ulceration, and even purulent disease, it will seriously endanger life.

Anxiety and stress are also the incentives of mastitis. Although breast milk is good, mothers should not have breastfeeding pressure, or they are relocated to blame themselves because of insufficient milk.

You are great enough and take care of yourself.

Source: Yangzi Famous Medicine Group

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