Is the elderly auxiliary tool really "suitable for old age"?The China Consumers Association released a consumer experience project report

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As of the end of 2022, my country ’s 60 -year -old population was about 280 million, accounting for 19.8%of the total population. In recent years, the silver hair economy has become hotter.In recent years, a variety of pension auxiliary appliances and aging products have gradually integrated into the daily life of the elderly. Consumers’ impression of pension auxiliary tools has expanded from traditional wheelchairs and crutches to broader areas.However, are these products really "old"?

This week, the China Consumer Association issued a report on the consumer experience project of pension auxiliary appliances.The report shows that problems such as poor quality, high premium, and functional chicken ribs sold in the market currently need to be improved.

The consumer experience project organized by the China Consumers Association this time has chosen a total of the consumer experience projects of the elderly auxiliary tools, electric wheelchairs, climbing machines, shifts, mobile toilets, turning nursing, toilet handrails, bath chairs, etc.9 products, a total of 50 samples for evaluation.

The detection agency of the consumer experience project of the elderly auxiliary appliances, that is, the evaluation engineer of the China Household Electric Research Institute, told reporters that for elderly consumers, the safety of ensuring the use of equipment is the most basic requirement, especially the auxiliary walking appliances.

According to the evaluation engineers, the six batches of bicycle samples of this evaluation ranging from 299 yuan to 2180 yuan, all purchased from e -commerce platforms, basically covering the main brand products on the market.The reporter saw that during the assessment, the 12 experienceders who received the recruited were imitated to use samples in different application scenarios based on the guidance and requirements of the evaluation engineer, and then scored the samples according to the satisfaction of the actual experience.Satisfaction is divided into 5 levels, a minimum of 1 point, and a maximum of 5 points.In terms of security assessment, two contents include stability, and the other is appearance security.

There are many categories of auxiliary walkingrs, of which the application scenarios for driving are the most widely used, so safety is also more concerned about senior consumers.However, when the reporter was filmed, the evaluation had not officially started, and a sample with a labeled No. 3 accident occurred.

Evaluation engineers believe that improper selection of key parts is the main reason why the No. 3 sample is overwhelming during the normal use process.

According to the evaluation engineers, the blindness of lightweight and high flexibility in manufacturers is another important factor that leads to poor stability of some bicycle products and affects safety performance.

Liu Mengying, an evaluation engineer of the China Household Electric Research Institute: products with relatively light net weight, it may also move in the case of braking.For example, when the elderly want to sit down and rest, now they are already in the case of braking the car. Then he will use this force when he sits down, and then sit down. This process may move this helper to move forward.The elderly may be in empty.

According to the evaluation engineers, the reason why some elderly people choose a bicycle is because it is not good in walking, balanced, and reaction functions. Therefore, from a safety perspective, the design of the bicycle must be simple.For example, some sample brake lines are walking outside, and this way of wiring is very easy to cause stumbling.

It is understood that the six batches of bicycle samples of this evaluation have not scored 5 points in terms of safety performance stability.The highest average is 4.6, while the No. 3 sample and another sample weighing are only 3 points.

In order to provide more accurate, more authoritative and scientific guidance to the actual purchase behavior of elderly consumers, the China Consumers Association focused on the "product purchase of the product" in the experience report, and some of the main points of the bicycle were shown in the figure.

The safety risk of unstable electric wheelchair is more prominent

In addition to helping bicycles, in recent years, electric wheelchairs have also become a mobility for many elderly people.However, electric wheelchairs are currently a relatively "fresh" product for elderly consumers. There are no exact reference standards when purchasing. Many hidden dangers have occurred during subsequent use.During the test, the reporter also found that the unstable safety risk of electric wheelchairs is more prominent than the helpers.

The reporter saw at the test site that after the experience staff repeatedly tried the sample, they feedback their experience to the test engineer.

Experience person: First of all, when the upper chair, it is also very hindered if this pedal is closed. After putting it down, from both sides, it is not particularly convenient if it is the elderly.Then there is a relatively low back of this back, the back is not fully fit, and it feels a little unsafe when the back is leaning.

The reporter noticed that compared with the comfort experience, the most feedback of the experience personnel is the safety of electric wheelchairs.

Liu Mengzhen, an evaluation engineer of the China Institute of Family Electric: There are some products that the elderly will feel that when using this operating rod, they will feel that the direction is not controlled accurately.For example, he wants to move forward, but when the elderly may not be able to control, they will go to the right and front, or the left front, then it will not achieve the goal of the elderly who want to go forward, but will go toLeave from right or left.Then there is a problem. There are several electric wheelchairs. For example, when we want to stop for a period of time when we want to stop for a while, it may occur slightly.It may not feel too safe.

According to the evaluation engineer, compared to the traditional manual wheelchair, electric wheelchairs are faster, and even used by some elderly consumers as old -fashioned pedals, so their safety performance is particularly important. It must be ensured that during the use process, especially during the use of uphillStable and not slipping. At the same time, the direction control should be accurate to avoid frequent adjustment of the safety risk caused by the unstable adjustment of the electric wheelchair.

In the experience report, the China Consumers also proposed the "product purchase point" of electric wheelchairs.

The design of some products is not "old -fashioned"

During the test, professionals also told reporters that when designing products, some companies ignore the special physiological and psychological characteristics of the elderly, which is also a common problem for the existence of pension auxiliary appliances.

Liang Jing, director of the Design Research and Evaluation Center of the China Household Electric Research Institute: For example, his physiological functions of the elderly are degraded, and then the elderly have a lot of various diseases to accumulate on the body, so whether the elderly recognize whether they recognizeIn terms of knowledge, it is still more aggressive operational ability and perceived behavior capabilities than people with normal behavior. This is also some characteristics of this group.

The point of view of professionals was confirmed in further interviews of reporters.In a nursing home in Beijing, professional nursing staff told reporters that this wheelchair can seem to meet the mobility needs of the elderly, but because the physical function of most elderly people has decreased, the balance of balance control is far lower than that of young people.It is very unsafe to use.

Rong Enhui, Dean of Guangyuan Evergreen Center, Haidian District, Haidian District, Beijing: Like this wheelchair, it is not smooth when it is put down, and it is very dangerous. If you have no effort in your hand, it will soon slipIt’s very dangerous to go down, and it is inconvenient to operate.Also, it did not fully design the mechanics of leverage when it was designed. When he lay down, it was very unsafe in this wheelchair.As long as the old man uses a little bit, the risk of falling is very high.

Professionals point out that the focus of these risks is that product design must fully consider the physical function degradation of the elderly, which can allow elderly consumers to avoid many unnecessary physical damage.

The reporter learned that the Chinese Consumer Association has taken some corresponding measures in response to the problems found in the appraisal of the elderly auxiliary.

Zhang Dezhi, Director of the Consumer Supervision Department of the Chinese Consumer Association: The Chinese Consumer Association attaches great importance to some data obtained in the project and some problems found.On the one hand, we report to the relevant administrative departments that we hope to strengthen the legislative standards and conduct corresponding compulsory testing. It can greatly improve quality, varieties, and brands, and can serve more consumers.

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