Is the ectopic pregnancy?Pay attention to those who have these experiences!

For some pregnant mothers, the process of pregnancy is like a practice. After thousands of difficulties, I finally got pregnant, but found that I had encountered the biggest difficulty -ectopic pregnancy!

Therefore, each sister who tests two red bars should not be careless, thinking that pregnancy is success, and some pregnancy is terrible.The following editors will tell you the things of ectopic pregnancy!

What is ectopic pregnancy?

When normal pregnancy, fertilized eggs bed in the uterine cavity.When the fertilized eggs are bed outside the uterine cavity, it is called ectopic pregnancy, that is, ectopic pregnancy.

Extra pregnancy is one of the common acute abdomen in obstetrics and gynecology.In recent years, the incidence of ectopic pregnancy has gradually increased, and cases of repetitive ectopic pregnancy have also increased accordingly.It has become one of the main diseases that seriously affect women’s life safety and quality of survival.

Among them, rhodium pregnancy is the most common (about 95%) of fallopian tubes, and rare are ovarian pregnancy, abdominal pregnancy, cervical pregnancy, and wide ligament pregnancy.

Why is ectopic pregnancy?

1. Due to pelvic inflammatory disease or fallopianitis

Pelvic inflammatory disease and fallopianitis will not only affect the speed of the fertilized eggs of the fallopian tube, so that the fertilized eggs cannot reach the uterus as scheduled; it will also cause the fallopian tube stenosis, congestion, and block the path of the fertilized eggs.Therefore, it is easy to make the fertilized eggs bed in the fallopian tube or ovarian.

2. Have done tubal surgery and abnormal development of fallopian tubes

Wallopian surgery, such as resuscitation, forming, etc., can be delayed or prevents fertilized eggs from entering the uterine cavity due to adhesion around the fallopian tube and pelvic cavity, tubal tube distortion, fallopian tube lumen stenosis, or scar stenosis of the surgical site, causing ectopic pregnancy.

When the dharma of the fallopian tube is incomplete, the tube cilia is poor, affecting the peristalsis, and the reduction of the transmission ability of the fertilized eggs, which is also an important factor that leads to the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy.

3. In -the -palace health device

A small number of women will be pregnant even if they are on the holiday ring, but because the uterine cavity is not suitable for embryo bed at this time, it increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

4. Endometriosis

Endometriosis accounts for a considerable proportion in the etiology of rotation, which is mainly related to pelvic adhesion caused by internal diseases.

5. Do too many abortion surgery

Repeated flow of abortion and curettage, and the clear palace surgery easily make the endometrium thinner, so that the fertilized eggs are not easy to bed, increasing the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

6. There is a history of extraterrestrial pregnancy

Women who have a history of ectopic pregnancy will have more possibility of ectopic pregnancy again. The past ectopic pregnancy will change the environment of the fallopian tube or uterine, which will prevent the normal bed of the fertilized eggs blocked.

If you want to re -prepare for pregnancy after ectopic pregnancy, you can generally start for three to six months. Specifically, you must depend on personal circumstances.

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