Is the early progesterone and HCG of the habitual abortion pregnancy normal?

The problem that often encountered is some abortion patients. She is very allergic to her nerves. She can know that she is pregnant within a few days after testing. At that time, she had not reached the menstrual period.There are also some, but she knows that she may be pregnant.

She hurried to draw blood. When she had dozens of HCG, she could find that she was pregnant, so she was particularly found to be pregnant early, and they pay special attention to it, saying that the doctor and my progesterone did not rise.How did 15 and 20? She was scared as soon as she saw that value.

Then I will tell her that during the early pregnancy period, that is, before five or six weeks, the five or six weeks we said is the first day of menstruation. On the first day, it is not calculated from the day of conception, or the gestational week of the embryo week.It was calculated from that day, including the due date, so when some people were five or six weeks, her progesterone may not be so good, and it went up for a while.

There is also HCG for a while, it may not double enough, but after a while, it will double it, so you should give her a peaceful pill, don’t panic to check this to check this this.Check that, that is, there is no need to check for a period of time.

However, you need to check it after six weeks, and you need to do a B -ultrasound to determine whether her embryo is in the palace, the palace, how the embryo grows, to judge how her pregnancy age is, so early progesteroneIf you have a low HCG, you don’t have to panic.

Usually we recommend that you check the progesterone and HCG once a week. If you have the problem of armor skills, I think it should be checked every three weeks.In the same way, I suggest that, at a certain time, don’t check the B -ultrasound too frequently. In general, you can check it once or two a week. If you check it too frequently, it will cause the patient’s mental tension.

Source: Medicine Micro Vision

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