Is the cesarean section risk, recovery schedule, scar care, and impact on pregnancy?Learn all by one article

As we all know, we now advocate natural delivery, and the benefits of natural delivery are self -evident.But in many cases, expectant mothers have to choose a caesarean section.Whether you choose a cesarean section or an accident, you need to understand the relevant content and recovery process of cesarean section in advance.

Under normal circumstances, some risk factors during pregnancy increase the chance of caesarean section, including multiple pregnancy, sexual transmission infections, and physical causes of some pregnant women (such as heart disease, hypertension, etc.).

And the study found that the possibility of overweight pregnant women during pregnancy is twice that of normal weight pregnant women.The risk of caesarean section that has reached the standard of obesity is three times that of normal pregnant women.

This is some useful information you need to know after a caesarean section.

▶ ① One hour after cesarean section

Due to anesthesia after surgery, your lower body is still uncomfortable.

★ Usually at the end of the caesarean section surgery, the anesthesiologist will enter some long -term analgesic drugs to the mother to reduce the pain and discomfort after awakening.Therefore, patients often do not hurt very much within a few hours after surgery, but they may feel a little unobstructed.

★ Good news: Unless there is complications, you will be able to hold your baby immediately and breastfeed.

▶ ① The first day after cesarean section

On the first day of the cesarean section, we must pay attention to the recovery of the uterus and vaginal bleeding. The nurse will massage the uterus to strengthen the uterine contraction to the normal size.Also pay attention to seeing vaginal bleeding.If the uterine contraction is not good and the vagina bleeds too much, the corresponding contraction treatment will be given.

★ If possible, the doctor will encourage you to get out of bed on the first day.Although you have just performed major abdominal surgery, getting out of bed early will help to speed up the recovery of cesarean section.

On the night of the operation after the operation, most maternal mothers would feel the pain of abdominal wounds. Following the doctor’s advice, the pain relief agent can be used to relieve the pain, which can make the maternal night without a painless night.

▶ ② The next day after cesarean section

The next morning after a caesarean section, the doctor may remove your catheter.This means that you are going to walk down the ground, at least to walk to the bathroom, or even go further.

★ We recommend increasing the amount of exercise as soon as possible, but this may cause pain in caesarean section.Increasing exercise will help blood circulation, improve intestinal function, and make you recover soon.

The lochia after cesarean section may last for several weeks after childbirth. This is a completely normal postpartum phenomenon.Lulu is the combination of the remaining blood, mucus and uterine tissue, which requires all postpartum in vitro.

▶ ③ Fourth day after cesarean section

Generally, mothers who give birth naturally can be discharged in about two days in the hospital, and mothers with caesarean section need 5-7 days to be discharged.

★ On the fourth day after cesarean section, you need to keep the wound clean to avoid infection.Try not to have big movements. Even when you cough or laugh, you should use your hand to support the wound or hold your stomach with a pillow to reduce the pain.

▶ ④ second week after cesarean section

On the second week after cesarean section, you need to pay attention to observe your wound to see if there are signs of red or swollen infection.(If you have these signs, or have a fever exceeding 38 degrees Celsius, please contact the doctor in time.)

At this time, although only two weeks after abdominal surgery, you feel much better than before.But remember that you still feel pain and spasm within a few weeks of cesarean section.

★ Because it takes about six weeks because it is through vaginal delivery or caesarean section.

▶ ⑤ Fourth week after cesarean section

In the fourth week after cesarean section, new mothers with good physical fitness can basically recover well, and they can be the same as before.Try to be diverse every meal, and at the same time, the thickness is matched.

★ At this time, the new mother can do some exercise and housework appropriately. When the weather is good, you can also take a walk with your baby and breathe more fresh air.

New mothers should pay attention to compare your recovery with other people’s recovery, because postpartum recovery varies from person to person, and comparison will only make those who need longer recovery time frustration.

Please obey your body, if it hurts, slow down; if you feel tired, take as much rest as possible.

▶ ⑥ Sixth week after cesarean section

At this time, the new mothers may have fully recovered!It may take 4 to 6 weeks to fully recover from cesarean section surgery.And the healthier you are before surgery, the faster you recover.

★ Most of the suture lines (if.) It will be absorbed about 50 %, the uterus will be restored to normal size, and can start to restore the same room!

Some new mothers may still feel pain when they touch the wound, but at this time, most of the wounds should have healed, and you can restore all normal activities.

▶ ① What will it look like after the scar healing after cesarean section?

★ Scar after caesarean section usually looks red or pink after a few months, but the color of the scar will fade and become a thin line.

Some new mothers will be more raised than other people’s scars, but they are rarely very obvious.In fact, many women wearing bikinis you see on the beach or swimming pool may have scars of caesarean section, but it is generally not obvious.

▶ ② The wounds are kept clean to avoid infection after surgery.Do not get wet wounds when bathing within two weeks after surgery.Do not bear weight (weight loss, etc.) within six weeks after surgery, so as not to interfere with the wound healing.A few weeks after surgery, you may feel painful, bleeding, numb and cramps in caesarean section scars.There may be itching of caesarean scars, and at this time, the impulse to scratch the wound must be resisted.If there are a large amount of bleeding or exudation at the wound, red on the edge, scar pain is intensified or the fever is higher than 38 degrees Celsius, please contact the doctor immediately.

▶ ③ When can the abdomen scars be completely cured

About six weeks later, your caesarean scar will be cured, which means that you can restore all conventional activities without causing interference to the body.

Please give yourself at least six weeks of recovery time, which can fully restore the wound line. When conducting severe activities, it will not be damaged.

★ After healing, you may still notice that sometimes the wound will become red -purple.Don’t worry, it’s completely normal.The color of the caesarean wound will last about six months, and then gradually disappear into less obvious skin color.

In more than 99 % of cases, caesarean scars can heal well, form a solid tissue, and weave it with the uterus.It is strong enough to withstand the stretching and contraction pressure of re -pregnancy.

But in a few cases, scars are also facing the risk of tearing.If the scar of the caesarean section is torn (called the rupture of the uterus), it will cause a lot of bleeding (bleeding), which will be life -threatening to both mothers and babies.

★ Even if the uterine rupture is rare, most doctors and hospitals will not take vaginal delivery after cesarean section.Therefore, the first child chooses a cesarean section for pregnant women, and the second child will continue to have a caesarean section.

Yes, almost every time you choose to perform surgery at the same wound.

★ So Caesarean section surgery will be unfavorable in your re -or several times.It increases your risk of complications.

However, there is no need to worry too much, because most of the time is still a very safe surgery.It’s just that you will have more scars.

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