Is the backache normally in the second trimester?

Limne acid in the second trimester is generally normal. Many pregnant women have symptoms of backache in the middle of pregnancy.In the second trimester, the number of placenta and amniotic fluid increased, and most of the lumbar spine bears caused the back of the pregnant woman.During pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones, the joints of pregnant women will become loose; as the fetus continues to grow, the fetal position gradually moves forward to aggravate the burden of lumbar and tail spine; excess water in pregnant women flows to the pelvis vein, Make the waist nerve and spine fail to get sufficient oxygen.These factors can lead to lumbaric acid in the middle of pregnancy.

Facing the condition of backache in the middle of pregnancy, it is recommended that expectant mothers learn to adjust their focus appropriately. You can wear elastic socks and low -heeled shoes during the day of the day.When you lie flat at night, you can put a pillow under your knees or hold your stomach with a special pillow.Pregnant women can also properly perform local hot compresses and massage, and do some exercise that enhances abdominal muscles to relieve the symptoms of lumbaric acid.The most important thing is to avoid long -term stand and reduce the pressure on the lower body for a long time.

If the prospective mommy has backache back pain, it may occur on the ribs in the ribs in the ribs of frequent urination, urination pain, and pain in the body., Timely avoid the problem of serious infection.

What is the problem of lumbaric acid in the second trimester of pregnancy makes the pregnant mother very uncomfortable during pregnancy, and the faint sore feeling is really uncomfortable.Can this lumbaric acid in the middle of pregnancy be prevented? To prevent the symptoms of lumbaric acid in the middle of pregnancy, expectant mothers should first understand the cause of lumbaric acid in the middle of pregnancy.

1. The abdomen is heavy, and the correct posture cannot be maintained. The waist muscles are prone to fatigue and cause back pain.As the fetus continues to grow, the pressure on the waist and legs of pregnant women is increasing.People walk with two legs, and the pressure of fetal compression, which causes back pain to cause back pain under normal circumstances.

2. Change the secretion of hormone secretion in the pregnant body.After pregnancy, in order to pass the birth canal during childbirth, a hormone of the human endocrine can relax the ligament that connects the pelvis. This hormone can also relax the muscles and increase the curvature of the spine, so it is easy to cause back pain.

3. Insufficient exercise causes the basic physical strength of people.If you decrease in physical strength, you cannot maintain a normal posture, and it is easy to have back pain.

4. The impact of the uterus and fetus can also cause back pain.Back pain during pregnancy is often concentrated in the middle and late stages, especially after 25 or six weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the uterus gradually increases, and the abdomen bulges forward. When standing, the center of gravity moves forward.It will be tilted backwards, and the center of gravity moves backwards above the hips, and the weight of the upper body of the pregnant woman is borne by the muscles of the lumbar and waist.

Pregnant women with sweating pregnant women alkaline phosphatase is high. Pregnant women have a cold. Pregnant women’s normal blood pressure range. Pregnant woman HIV -positive pregnant woman Plati in the middle of pregnancy. Many pregnant women will encounter backache in the middle of pregnancy. Limer acid is normal in the middle of pregnancy.However, lumbaric acid is not a comfortable thing. How can pregnant women alleviate backache when they encounter the situation of lumbaric acid in the middle of pregnancy? Back pain for pregnant women can generally be relieved. It is important to do good care.

1. Gone or dedicated pregnancy belt in the abdomen of pregnant women to support the waist of pregnant women, thereby relieve pain.

2. Maintain the correct posture. The correct standing posture is the slightly divided legs, the back is straight, the chest is tight, and the jaw is closed.If the posture is correct, the big belly will not be very conspicuous.

3. Proper exercise, choose suitable gymnastics or swimming in pregnant women, and exercise according to personal circumstances, which can enhance physical strength and relieve backache.

4. Don’t sleep too softly. If it is too soft, it will cause the waist to sink, causing or aggravating low back pain.

5. Don’t stand up or sit too fast. It is best to have a helping object in your hand.

6. You need to choose more comfortable shoes, don’t wear high heels, keep the heel of about 3 ~ 4cm.

7. You can eat some foods that relieve back pain for pregnant women: if it is mainly rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D.

8. If pregnant women have severe back pain, go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid accidents.

Will lumbaric acid abortion in the second trimester?

Limer acid in the middle of pregnancy is normal, which will not cause abortion.The phenomenon of abortion is mostly in the early pregnancy, and there are fewer abortion in the second trimester.Experts point out that female friends have experienced natural abortion in recent years, mainly in the first three months of pregnancy.This natural abortion is mostly caused by abnormalities such as fetal chromosomes and is a period of natural elimination.

The occurrence of back pain in the early stages of pregnancy is related to poor physical fitness or excessive fatigue. It is necessary to consider the possibility of signs of abortion. Occasionally, slight pain does not need to be treated, because as the child grows up, the waist tolerance is affordable.It is getting bigger and bigger, so low backache and back pain are inevitable.There is also a part of the phenomenon of backache back pain just because of the impact of hormone changes.The physiological hormones during pregnancy will change, making the joints and ligaments of pregnant women loosen a certain degree, resulting in the pulling of ligaments worse than the original, and even the joints sometimes have a certain degree of dislocation.In the phenomenon of backache, pregnant women do not have to worry about abortion.

Back pain appears more in the middle and late stages.After 25 or 26 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus has increased and has been up to the abdominal cavity.The stomach increases and the pressure on pregnant mothers will also increase. Especially when the mother is standing, the normal physiological arcs and the curvature of the spine have changed.Belly acid in the middle of pregnancy is mostly caused by changes in physiological phenomena. Pregnant women do not have to worry about any adverse effects on the fetus.

As long as the prevention of low backache in the middle of pregnancy is properly nursing during pregnancy, the symptoms of lumbaric acid in the middle of pregnancy can still prevent it.How can pregnant women do to prevent the condition of backache in the middle of pregnancy?

1. Check the appropriate exercise such as walking from early pregnancy to strengthen the flexibility of the waist and back.

2. Pay attention to keep warm and avoid sleeping on your back.

3. Properly control the growth of weight, avoid excessive fetal or pregnant mummy too obese, so as to reduce the load of the spine and lumbar spine.

4. Avoid sleeping mattresses. Generally, it is more suitable for sleeping palm mattresses during pregnancy.

5. Walking with low -heeled low -heeled shoes, the heels should not exceed 3 cm.In the middle and late pregnancy, you can massage the back of the waist.

6. Maintain a good posture.When walking, you should look ahead with your eyes, straighten your spine, and focus on your body on the heel, so that the heel to the toes will gradually land.

7. Avoid raising heavy objects. When you need to bend over and take things, keep your back straight, bend your lower limbs, grab the things and straighten your legs to avoid the waist bending force.

8. Avoid standing for a long time; when you sit down, you can put a soft pillow on the waist position, increase the support of the waist, or increase your legs, or put your feet on a small stool, and bend your legs.

9. When sleeping, if you are lying on the side, you need to bend your legs back and back. If you lie down, you can bend your legs first when lying down, support the pelvis, and then twist the pelvis gently., Until the waist is adjusted to the bed comfortably.

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