Is the "hunger" after pregnancy the same as usual?People who come here can make a big blockbuster

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Some netizens jokingly said, "If you walk on the street and suddenly hungry, you want to eat, then you must find a pregnant woman, because they must be delicious in their bags!"

As we all know, the diet is the most important topic during the birth of October. Many pregnant mothers have reported that they often have "hunger".Worked hard and come back.

When this unusual hunger often appears, some pregnant women will inevitably have worries and anxiety, and consciously thinking. Is this hunger and peaceful time?Is it not normal?

In fact, many pregnant women have also experienced this "hunger", and this kind of hunger seems to be different. Once they appear, they will be particularly eager to eat, and even the moment of emotional collapse!

@:贝: In the early pregnancy, I was often hungry. When I was hungry, I would have the feeling of Venus. Once my girlfriend went out to go shopping, halfway, suddenly hungry, and I especially wanted to eat sour.Spicy powder, I found a shop, because I asked for less spicy, but the girlfriend first was first. The more I couldn’t help it, the more I couldn’t help it., I ate her hot and sour powder …

@: Pregnant women are really different from ordinary people. Before 20 weeks of pregnancy, I was at work. When I was waiting for a bus, hunger was particularly strong. I saw that there was a little sister who had a little sister to eat buns and plastic bags.There are two in it, and I went up to eat her … For this matter, my husband gave me breakfast every day, and some food, and taking it!

@小 Baby: I realized that I got married with my husband. I have never eaten the meals he had eaten. Because I have some habit, tableware, or something, I will divide the category.Once my mother -in -law made a noodle for her husband, I was hungry just after eating it. In order not to fall, after all, I said before that I did n’t eat others left, so I paid my husband out of the garbage.When he came back, the mother -in -law was doing it separately and asked me?I said that there was a flies flying in, and I poured it …

It seems that this kind of hunger is different from our general situation, which is more urgent than usual!

Of course, in order to cope with this kind of hunger, these pregnant mothers who come here are really amazing, and they can stage a blockbuster!So why are pregnant women particularly hungry?

First of all, we must know that the reason why people feel hungry is because the food center in the brain and feel the decline in glucose concentration in the blood, so the frequency of the central nervous charging of the food is increased, which will produce a sense of hunger.

And pregnant women have just eaten food and have a sense of hunger, which is nothing more than these three reasons!

1. After entering the middle and late pregnancy, the fetus enters the period of rapid development. During this stage, the baby needs more nutrition and calories to assist himself for development and growth. ThereforeIf you can’t keep up with your baby’s development speed, you can easily produce hunger.

2. With the increase of the pregnancy week, the demand for glucose will gradually increase, so that the glucose level in the pregnant mother will decrease, which will also produce a sense of hunger.

3. Because the level of hormones inside the body changes after pregnancy, the demand for insulin will increase, which will also produce a sense of hunger.

So from these 3 points, when pregnant women are hungry, it is best to eat it quickly, because not only it is needed, but the fetus may also need it.

1. Change the diet law

Some pregnant mothers may deliberately control their diet. In fact, instead of controlling the intake of food, it is better to change their diet law and change three meals a day to more meals a day, because pregnant mothers are easy to be hungry, but each time it isI feel that I eat two sips again, and I am full.

Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to change the diet law, and use the method of eating less and meals to keep yourself in a state of full energy at any time and provide nutrients that can be extracted at any time for fetal development.

2. Carry food with you

There is also no doubt about this. Many pregnant women will have the sudden hunger, and then feel the feeling of "having to eat", so in the face of these issues, it is best to prepare some foods in their bags.

For example, candy, biscuits, nuts, yogurt, etc.!Can resolve the embarrassment of hunger at any time!

The baby is bred in the belly. The pregnant woman is equivalent to saying that one person eats two people, so nutritional intake is important, but you must master the correct dietary method during pregnancy.Essence

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