Is sex safe during pregnancy?

Foreign studies have shown that moderate sexual life has considerable benefits to pregnant mothers, especially in the middle of pregnancy, early pregnancy reactions have been reduced or disappeared, the placenta is relatively strong, pregnancy enters a stable period, and the mood of pregnant mothers has begun to become comfortable.More suitable for sexual life.

Many husbands and wives are most concerned about whether it is unsafe in sexual life during pregnancy?Will it have a bad impact on the baby?In fact, don’t worry, the baby’s baby is surrounded by the amniotic sac (a thin -walled sac, surrounded by liquid) and strong muscles in the uterus.In addition, there is a thin layer of mucus bolt in the cervix to seal foreign bacterial infections.Therefore, the sexual intercourse process generally does not affect the baby’s baby.

In the first trimester (3 months before pregnancy), pregnant mothers have early pregnancy reactions, which are more tired, and baby baby is not stable. If sexual life is too frequent and the movements are too large, it is easy to cause miscarriage.In the second trimester (4-6 months of pregnancy), the pregnant mother’s response was reduced or disappeared, and the baby baby was relatively stable and suitable for sexual life, but not too frequent. Be careful not to compress the abdomen of the pregnant mother.Try to reduce sexual life as much as possible (7-10 months).Sexual life should be stopped in the first 6 weeks of the due date, so as not to cause premature birth.

1. Make pregnant mothers happy

A comfortable sex life can fully integrate love and sexual desire.A thoughtful sex life can make pregnant mothers happy and full of emotions, and it has played a role in emotional prenatal education.

2. It is a sport

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers generally have a small amount of activity, and one sex will consume about 150 calories, which is stronger than walking and raising dumbbells. After exercise, it can also help pregnant mothers to enhance appetite.

3. Enhance the self -confidence of pregnant mothers and reduce stress

Sexual life is good for mental health.Studies have shown that people who often have high -quality sex have a high quality of life, and the chance of depression is very low.At the same time, pregnant mothers often have a greater mental stress during pregnancy. After a hearty sex, they can be gently stressed and make the pregnant mother feel relaxed.

4. It is conducive to the development of baby baby

During the sexual life during pregnancy, the sperm in semen will advance to the vagina at a very fast speed, and then touch the amniotic fluid in the uterus to fluctuate the amniotic fluid, and then stimulate the baby’s brain and skin.

In addition, the climax of pregnant mothers in sexual life is also important to the development of baby baby.As a strong brain reaction, the orgasm will directly transmit it to the baby’s brain nerves, which can make the baby’s brain development more complete.

Proper sex life is still healthy

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