Is pumpkin "lift blood sugar" or "lower blood sugar"?The doctor announced the answer to you

As we all know, as a common food in life, pumpkin is very delicious, whether it is stir -fried, soup or porridge, and pumpkin is rich in nutritional elements, such as carotene, trace element vitamin C can be available.Acting on the human body, helping the human body to supplement a variety of nutrients, and helps to benefit your health.

And for many years, there have been many diabetic patients who worship pumpkin as god melon. Because I heard that pumpkin can reduce blood sugar, it has also triggered a pumpkin fever. Various pumpkin foods on the market have become raw materials on the market.Passionate food.

Some people even say that eating 100 pounds of pumps in a row can help control diabetes without having to take medicine. What is the fact?Let’s take a look at it now.

Pumpkin itself is mild in nature, and the taste is soft and waxy, which will help digestion and absorption. It has a very good conditioning effect on the spleen and stomach. If there is a manifestation of weak spleen and stomach, you can use pumpkin to replenish your body and improve spleen and stomach function.

Moreover, pumpkin is rich in dietary fiber, which helps to accelerate gastrointestinal motility, promote digestion and absorption, clean up harmful garbage in the intestine, and relieve constipation.

But for people with high blood sugar, they should pay more attention when eating pumpkin.

Because the sugar content of pumpkin itself is relatively high, it is not recommended to eat too much pumpkin for patients with diabetes, and eating pumpkin can not reduce blood sugar. Instead, it will fluctuate blood sugar volatility due to excessive eating.

Therefore, for patients with diabetes, if you want to stabilize blood sugar, you must pay attention to dietary problems in time. Some foods that are easy to raise blood sugar should avoid eating, and foods with high sugar like pumpkin should also be eaten less.

1. Correctly understand the effect of pumpkin on blood sugar

For patients with diabetes, it must be clearly known before eating pumpkin. In fact, eating pumpkin does not play a role in reducing blood sugar, and the sugar lift index of pumpkin is as high as 75. After avoiding a large amount of pumpkin, it will cause blood sugar fluctuations.

But it is also reminded that you do n’t have to avoid it. No wonder it is still a healthy food, but you need to avoid diabetic patients.

2. Control the amount of edible pumpkin

For diabetic patients, if you especially want to eat pumpkin, it is recommended that you control the dosage. It is best not to exceed 100 grams.

In this case, it will generally not affect the blood sugar, and at the same time, it will have a satiety after consumption of pumpkin, and it should also reduce the intake of staple food appropriately.

3. Selection of varieties

There are many varieties of pumpkin. It is recommended that you choose as much as possible. The sugar is not too high, or the tender pumpkin. When cooking, the old pumpkin can be cooked directly.The taste of the old pumpkin can choose to stir -fry.

[1] Control your diet.

I believe everyone has heard that the occurrence of diseases from the mouth, the appearance of many diseases has a lot to do with unhealthy eating habits, and diabetes is no exception.

Therefore, for patients with diabetes, if you want to stabilize blood sugar better, you must regulate your diet in time to reduce the intake of high sugar foods. In addition, it looks like honey, dried fruit, honey, beet, milk tea, which contain sugar substances containing sugar substancesFood should also eat less to avoid volatility of blood sugar.

In addition, it looks like high -fat fatty meat foods. It is also recommended that you reduce the intake and try to choose light lean meat, fish, chicken breasts, and beef are good.

[2] There is sufficient exercise amount

As the saying goes, life lies in exercise. Adhering to exercise exercise can help improve physical fitness, enhance resistance and immunity, can also accelerate the body’s consumption, alleviate obesity, and help regulate blood sugar in the body.

[3] Reasonable medication treatment

For diabetic patients, in order to improve the condition, the key is to cooperate with the doctor’s treatment. The specific method of medication must be well understood in advance, because diabetes is a chronic disease.Long, it is not possible to completely improve the medicine in a short time.

So remind everyone that after diagnosis diagnosis, we must adhere to the reasonable medication. Under the guidance of the doctor, use the appropriate dose and the time and treatment of the medication to avoid private abuse or discontinuation of drugs.

In this regard, do you still have different views and ideas, please leave a message in the comment area below to share.

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