Is pregnancy vomiting too uncomfortable?Do this to make yourself comfortable

The process of women in October is really not easy. She has been tortured from pregnancy since the early pregnancy. She really can’t eat well, and she can’t sleep well!When it comes to pregnancy, expectant mothers are full of vomiting:

I vomit when I take a bite, and sometimes I feel that the stomach acid comes out, and the time is the most difficult.

Drinking water vomited, he was tortured and really crashed, and he was relieved until the fourth month.

If you want to vomit at home, you want to vomit when you walk around the mall.

The "grinding" pregnancy is indeed troubled by pregnant mothers, making it particularly difficult in the early pregnancy.

Today we will help you to reveal the truth of pregnancy:

■ Why do pregnant mothers vomit?

■ How to relieve pregnancy?

■ Be alert to the danger signal of "pregnancy drama"!

Why is pregnant mother pregnant?

Pregnancy vomiting varies from person to person. Due to individual differences, some pregnant mothers vomit, and some are nothing, mainly related to the following factors.

Increased hormone secretion

In the early stages of pregnancy, the increase in the secretion of velveting gonadotropin (HCG) and estrogen in the human body increased, making expectant mothers more sensitive to the smell, more spiritual nose, and slight stimuli can make people feel disgusting.

The stomach becomes fragile

After pregnancy, due to the need to provide fetal nutrition, the resistance of expectant mothers will decrease to a certain extent, and gastrointestinal function will become more vulnerable, and a little stimulus may cause vomiting.

immune response

After a period of development, the fetus gradually generates its own organizational organs. These newly generated tissue and organs are unable to recognize and will be rejected as a foreign material;

Psychological factors

Some expectant mothers feel too psychological stress because of pregnancy, so they are more likely to cause nausea and vomiting.Conversely, if it is often nauseous or vomiting, psychological pressure will be increased.

How to relieve pregnancy?

If it is only slightly anti -acid vomiting, general treatment and psychological support treatment is taken.

First of all, to maintain a happy and relaxed mood, take the principle of eating less meals for diet, do not eat every meal, rinse your mouth with warm salt water in the morning, do not immediately bend or lie down after meals. You can take a walk appropriately to avoid contact with contactThe smell of vomiting, food and so on.

At the same time, oral vitamin B6 can be used to help stop spitting. Generally, you eat three times a day and take 10 to 20 mg each time.

Specific mothers should not bed all day because of nausea and vomiting.

Be wary of danger signals: "pregnancy drama vomiting"

Data show that more than 75% of pregnant women will have nausea to varying degrees, and 50% of them will have symptoms of pregnancy, and 0.3 to 1% of pregnant women will also experience pregnancy vomiting.

The main manifestation of pregnancy drama is that persistent vomiting and vomit may also have bile or bloody substances.More severe cases can not even eat or get water, and may cause water loss or electrolyte disorders.Once pregnant mothers have symptoms such as significant weight loss, pale complexion, and decreased urine output, they need to go to the hospital for a medical treatment in time.

If the following signals appear, you need to be vigilant:

..The number of vomiting is more than 3 times a day;

..I vomit everything, I can’t drink it;

..Light weight of more than 5%.

If your pregnancy is very serious and has risen into pregnancy drama, you must attract enough attention.Just seek medical treatment in time.Severe vomiting may also endanger life.

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